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Re: post partum preeclampsia now and a baby after the ordeal?

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 640527 2:05 am
by beth.arias
I have 3 children ages 5,3 and 1. With my last 2 I developed post partum pre-e. I saw a regular ob while pregnant with my 1st and 2nd and a mfm while pregnant with my 3rd. I developed symptoms (shortness of breath from pulmonary edema at days 5 and 6 post partum) which prompted me to go into the ER. My dr was much better prepared to deal with my symptoms as a mfm than my regular ob. I was treated with Lasix each time. The 3rd baby I was also treated with mag and labetelol for 6 weeks. I'm meeting with my mfm next month to discuss a 4th pregnancy and the risks associated with it. I've found that 37 week induction may be a way to help post partum pre-e (someone posted an article from this site) and that the less time in between pregnancies can also help as well. Best wishes.

Re: post partum preeclampsia now and a baby after the ordeal

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 640501 4:33 pm
by alviarin
I didn't have postpartum preeclampsia per se, but I have a history of preeclampsia at pretty much term (37-38 weeks). With my second pregnancy my preeclampsia became worse after delivery instead of better.

In general your odds are good since you had preeclampsia so late in pregnancy. viewtopic.php?f=19&t=331. Also in general, if preeclampsia does happen again it is usually less severe.

Some of our posters have met with an a MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) doc specializing in high risk pregnancies after experiencing preclampsia to test for underlying disorders, get a better idea of their individual odds of re-occurence, and to talk about how any subsequent pregnancies should be managed.

post partum preeclampsia now and a baby after the ordeal?

Posted: Sun Aug 08, 640219 7:41 pm
by chatknuff
Currently having postpartum preeclampsia and been in the hospital 3 times after c section. However my husband and I planned on trying to conceive within the next year. Anyone have postpartum Preeclampsia then had another child after? Did it happen again? I never had any high blood pressure or severe symptoms till days after baby was born. Was very scary spending 13 days total in hospital away from my newborn.