Postparteum eclampsia - SO SCARED to get pregnant again

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re: Postparteum eclampsia - SO SCARED to get pregnant again

Postby beth.arias » Sun Jan 19, 640527 1:57 am

I developed post partum pre-e with my last 2 children. I am meeting with my mfm next month to discuss the risk of a 4th pregnancy. I will say that I went in a day sooner with the 3rd child because I recognized the symptoms and was treated immediately. They even performed an echo in the ER within an hour of getting there. Best wishes

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Re: Postparteum eclampsia - SO SCARED to get pregnant again

Postby caryn » Thu Oct 06, 640501 2:26 am

Since you were so far postdates, I think the standard comment from the docs is usually that an induction at 39 weeks would probably allow you to avoid a reoccurrence. (Statistically speaking, of course.)

Good and bad news: this syndrome doesn't really have a lot to do with your health going in - there's a correlation with obesity, but we know it's not causal, and the thinking is that there's some underlying genetic tendency that predisposes people to both conditions. That means that none of us has a heck of a lot of control over it. It looks like a cascade set off by the placenta when it's unhappy (often about the amount of blood flow - ours are often shallowly implanted - and sometimes just about the foreign proteins and the maternal immune response to the placenta), and placentas get reliably unhappy towards the end of pregnancy.

Decision-making about a subsequent pregnancy is always fraught. I decided not to try again, then had a surprise b/c failure 10 years later that ended in a 16 week miscarriage, then tried again immediately and had an easy pregnancy. There's some good data suggesting that your risk is lowered when the subsequent pregnancy is very closely spaced to the first, probably because the spiral arteries supplying the uterus are still "remodeled" from the first pregnancy and that makes it easier for the subsequent placentas to implant. There's a lot about this in the New Yorker article here: ... 28&t=35000

Keep us posted as you think!
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Re: Postparteum eclampsia - SO SCARED to get pregnant again

Postby jeichmann21 » Tue Sep 13, 640501 10:29 am

Oh my gosh...I continue to be shocked by the terrible pregnancy/delivery stories I'm hearing with HEELP and pre-e/post-e. Some stories are super comforting and others have me more scared than ever before. And being scared and stressed won't do me a bit of good.

Thanks to both of you for posting and it looks like there are a ton of posts on FB about this. I have a lot of thinking and praying to do.

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Re: Postparteum eclampsia - SO SCARED to get pregnant again

Postby Angela0105 » Tue Aug 30, 640501 1:00 pm

Just wanted to say I developed preeclampsia at just 18 weeks. Was put on bed rest at home then at 21 week hospital bedrest. My doctors said I had one of the worst cases they had ever witnessed.
At 30 weeks I had an emergency Csection due to reverse cord flow, my BP shot up and I eventually seized.
My daughter was severly IUGR at just a pound 15 oz. I remember the doctor telling her dad that baby was doing better than mommy.
She was put on room oxygen at just 24 hours old, all the while I was in mag and miserable!
She is now 5, she is on the autism spectrum and has tethered cord but she is healthy, happy and smart. She's also the tallest in her class.
Then there's me. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with a boy and....... so far NO SIGN OF PRE-E!!!!!
I've made it further and he's much bigger than her! I've only had a trace of protein and slightly elevated bp!
I took myself off work to rest and I'm hoping to get to atleast 36 weeks! I see the mfm every 2 weeks, lab work and 24 hour urine tests but none of that matters as long as I stay healthy!
I hope this made you feel a little better!

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Re: Postparteum eclampsia - SO SCARED to get pregnant again

Postby laney_p » Sun Aug 21, 640501 3:32 am

So sorry to hear of all that you've been through! It's definitely a scary decision to make whether to try again after preeclampsia/eclampsia. But luckily you are not alone in that decision. Research suggests the risk of having preeclampsia again is approximately 20%, however experts cite a range from 5-80% depending on when you had it in a prior pregnancy and how severe it was. More research is needed to know more certainly how high your risk is.

If you had preeclampsia during your first pregnancy, you may get it again. While repeat occurrence is often less severe, no one can predict for sure. If you've had preeclampsia in a previous pregnancy, you and your healthcare provider should carefully monitor you and your baby during your current pregnancy for any signs or symptoms.

The risk of preeclampsia increases if you have these risk factors; if you've developed chronic hypertension or diabetes since your previous pregnancy; or if you are having IVF, twin, or other multiples. That being said, knowledge is power!

I've also posted your question to our Facebook page ( ... 9985742938) to get some other people to comment and tell you about their experiences. Sometimes it can be so helpful just to know that you aren't alone!
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Postparteum eclampsia - SO SCARED to get pregnant again

Postby jeichmann21 » Thu Jul 28, 640501 4:34 am

I'm 38 years old and had a terrible situation with my first a little over 2 yrs ago. I was a super healthy, personal trainer with bp of 110/70 during my pregnancy. I was working out until a few days before my due date. I ended up being induced 12 days late! After developing a fever in labor, my dr gave me (and therefore the baby) an antibiotic. That meant they needed to monitor the baby in the nursery overnight. She ended up having a labored breathing event and went to the NICU. I was stressed and tired and by day 3 my bp was up to 160/120. My dr was clueless as to why and at the time I had a rare condition called erythromelalgia that wouldn't allow me to take the medication she was used to prescribing or any drugs in that class. Thank goodness I was aware of that b/c despite knowing about my condition she still advised me to take this med, labetolol. Bottom one knew how to treat me. My bp stayed at 160/120. I had terrible headaches and blurred vision. I ended up going to ******* to the ER to try to get some help. It was the scariest 5 hour drive ever! Thankful the cardiologist there explained my bp wasn't so high that it was an immediate threat. He said we had time to let it slowly return to normal and just gave me a diuretic. By 4 months it returned to near normal. It was such a scary time. We assumed we'd never try for baby #2. But now we feel an ache for a second child. I'm terrified to try again. I'm older now. What if it happens again? What if it's worse? What if it doesn't go away? Anyone have experience with Postparteum eclampsia and a second pregnancy?

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