Thinking about trying again

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re: Thinking about trying again

Postby KetchupSpud » Sun Jul 18, 640517 5:10 am

I completely understand your fears/concerns/etc about trying again. We're in our third cycle of trying now and I still have all those things. I didn't agree to try again until we found an mfm that I loved and that was totally on the same page as me. Sounds like you found that! :)

As for the mag, I don't hear many people who talk about having had complications with, but I certainly did. The day after I was admitted they put me on it and my bp skyrocketed, my heart raced, I had trouble breathing, and I started having contractions (at 23w!). They didn't believe I could possibly be having contractions and told me I was having a panic attack, which I didn't believe because I wasn't worried until the symptoms started. I finally got them to hook me up to the contraction checking machine and they were shocked to see that I was right - frequent contractions. My mfm started to drive in to prep for my delivery and said the nurses had 20 min to get my bp down and the contractions stopped before I was delivering. Labetelol and procardia got things under control and they decided not to mess with the mag again pre-delivery. They were still claiming it was a panic attack, though. Fast forward to a few days later, after I delivered (c-section), and they decided to try the mag again. This time they didn't do the big started dose, just jumped to the lower maintenance dose. I was pretty out of it - in and out of sleeping - and had exactly the same reaction (minus the contractions since I had delivered at that point). At that point they finally believed that I wasn't having a panic attack and that my body was in fact reacting very poorly to the mag. Took 6 hours to get things back under control again in recovery. To this day no one can tell me why I reacted that way and they said they've never had anyone react poorly to the mag before like that. I'm also worried about them wanting to use it again in a future pregnancy. Glad to hear your mfm is aware of your history and listening to your concerns!

Hope I didn't scare you more, just wanted you to know that having trouble with the mag is rare but you aren't alone!
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Re: Thinking about trying again

Postby MomTimesThree » Fri May 21, 640517 2:08 am

Welcome. I'm glad to hear your appointment went well. Having a supportive team that you trust can really make a huge difference. No less important, is how different you are in a second pregnancy. Unlike the first where pre-eclampsia can come as a surprise, the second time around everyone including yourself is watching like a hawk, so *IF* there are issues, they can be found and dealt with sooner and with more informed care as you now have a history to work with.

No matter your decision, I wish you all the best!
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Re: Thinking about trying again

Postby wsara » Fri Apr 02, 640517 8:15 pm


It went pretty well! The doctor was knowledgable and understanding and didn't have the air of arrogance that I experienced at a different large hospital with my 1st pregnancy. We talked about low-dose aspirin starting around 12-weeks, along with seeing MFM at that point for baseline labs and that my monitoring would be more frequent than a normal pregnancy, etc.

One of my fears is being on magnesium again for a prolonged period of time - I was on it for 5-days (4-day induction, 24 hours postpartum) and my cardiologist believed many of my issues postpartum were related to the length of time I was on mag - nobody's body likes Mag, but apparently my body REALLY doesn't tolerate it. So although I'm not a big proponent of c-section, I don't know that I could psychologically or physically go through an induction on mag again - she didn't flat out say that I could request and receive a c-section in that scenario but she said, "We will be very flexible with your care, knowing what we know about your previous experiences."

I'll certainly be on here a lot if this does move forward :) :)

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Re: Thinking about trying again

Postby alviarin » Wed Feb 17, 640517 3:20 pm

How did the MFM visit go?

Wishing you the best of luck!
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Thinking about trying again

Postby wsara » Fri Nov 30, 640514 7:52 am

Hello everyone,
I have never posted on here but found the board very reassuring as I struggled with postpartum health issues following my 1st pregnancy.

My pregnancy was complicated by cholestasis and severe preeclampsia. The last month of pregnancy, delivery and postpartum (complicated) recovery were the hardest thing I've ever been through. That was in August 2013 and fortunately my almost 2-year old girl and myself are doing great.

Even though I vowed never to do this again as I struggled with my health postpartum, as many of us know, time starts to blur your memories....

Meeting with an MFM tomorrow to discuss what happened with previous pregnancy and thoughts of doing this again.... wish me luck as just the thought of this visit sets me into a PTSD flashback that many of you are all too familiar with :)

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