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Re: Not sure where to ask all this...

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 05:50 pm
by Freakykate1
I am 1 year out! The BP meds I was given weaned me off 2 months after the baby and I was told 6 months+ before I should see the kidney specialist again. I have continued to monitor the BP since then though, cause I was still noticing my floaters in my sight, ect. I went in for new labs and such last Friday, I will know more hopefully this Tuesday. Seriously praying for no kidney damage. LOL

Re: Not sure where to ask all this...

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 07:39 pm
by laney_p
Great questions! So sorry to hear about all the stuff going on with your underlying kidney malfunction. I know there are quite a few women who have dealt with kidney issues, and found that a combination of controlling the blood pressure and treating (where possible) the kidney issues helped to make everything better. It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg issue because the kidneys regulate blood pressure, but blood pressure can also affect kidney function. Are you still on BP medication? How far postpartum are you now?

Not sure where to ask all this...

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:26 pm
by Freakykate1
Hello all! I'm new to this forum but just scanning through already feel a deep connection to so many who have personally dealt with PreE/HELLP. I'm a mother of 3 and while I dealt with high blood pressure in each of my pregnancies (It was in the 140s/80's in the first pregnancy, I was placed on a med and watched very closely cause I have STRONG family line of PreE. Baby girl #1 was born ON her due date. Healthy and good! Baby Boy #2 I was placed on the blood pressure meds right away but honestly I didn't take them and my bp was staying in that 140s/80s so the SAME it was with the oldest while I was ON the bp meds with her. He was watched closely as well, and born 2 weeks from his due date, healthy and safe. 4 years later I get pregnant with baby girl #3, and when I saw the midwife I asked to NOT be placed on the meds. She agreed to watch my bp and as long as things were good we were ok. So. For 34wks of my pregnancy my BP was perfect. 120's/80s. However my whole pregnancy I carried protein in my urine. (This wasn't super worrisome cause well, I had small traces with my other two.) Well, my midwife was smart and asked me to do a baseline urine catch at 12wks. It came back at 504 and sent me to a urologist to watch the protein and I actually had blood in my urine. When I saw him he ran tests for uti, negative. Another urine collection, and he was not happy with the amount of urine I was putting out. SO I was sent for an u/s of my kidneys. At which they said my one kidney was slightly enlarged (but that can be typical in pregnancy), and there may be stones or something else in the kidneys. (I had been told years before ALL this I had stones in my kidneys. BUt my primary doc didn't really push to do anything about it and wrote this off as unimportant.) I have all these test ran and done just to be told nothing can be further done by him until after the baby was born but he would follow my pregnancy in the case he was needed. At my 36wk appointment I walked in like any other appointment. I was eager and excited cause my midwife and I were going to discuss my birthing plans and begin weekly visits. They run my urine... protein and blood. No big deal, always have that. Then they take my blood pressure 138/100. Its immediately rechecked two more times and I'm rushed into my room and laid on my left side. My midwife comes in and she checks my reflexes which I about flew off the table, and she waited and retook my bp. Still high. On top of all this I had lots of swelling, something in previous appointments that was written off as hot summer july/aug days. And a weight gain of 10lbs. At that point she sends me to the hospital saying it was just going to be a 24 hour urine collection. And I would probably go home ! I honestly felt GREAT ladies. I actually misunderstood and when I got to the hospital I thought I was going home with a urine catch. LOL NOPE! They wanted me to stay there for it. At the 12hr mark my midwife was like, lets just use this collection and double what we get to determine your 24 hr collection. The whole time my bp was bouncing around everywhere. High/low/high/low. Baby looked good! She said anything over 504 was my protein going up. The test came back 1300. Labs came back that my blood platelets looked lower and my liver enzymes were up. At this point she began talking to me about delivery. I delivered my baby at 36wks and 2 days, she had a little breathing issues at birth but at only 5lbs she was strong and never had to see the nicu!! Right after delivery my bp went up to 190's/110 my other two children were rushed out the room and I was not allowed ANY visitors and on watch for 4 days after. I was sent home with bp meds and bed rest cause even on the meds my bp was all over the place. I was sent to a kidney specialist after all this and he basically told me the same as the urologist that he has to wait 6m to a year before running any tests on me to determine if my kidneys are ok and what is causing my high blood pressure and protein/blood in my urine. We know my heart looks FANTASTIC and cardiologist has already okayed that but I go this week to start the testing on my kidneys. I know a lot of you are here asking about your next babys and I guess I'm wondering has anyone else been sent for this testing and what you have discovered and are dealing with?

I want to add my husband and I truly would like to try for baby #4 in about 6 to 8 months as long as all these tests come back but I also worry what if I have kidney disease or immune disorder. Has anyone else dealt with this. I just have so many thoughts, emotions, and worries. MY husband is very much nothing is wrong and honestly, I think he refuses to talk about it unless we have to. But it's not his body. lol I work out 6 of the 7 days a week. I watch my diet and am relatively healthy for having just had a baby almost a year ago. I feel stuck. Sorry this got lengthy and if you made it this far, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!