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Re: Wanting a baby after eclampsia in a third world country

Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 03:32 pm
by jenh
You aren't crazy. It sounds like you didn't have PE until post partum? The fact that you got it so late means your risk of having it again, while still higher than someone who had never had it, is lower than someone who got it early. I don't know what the recurrence is like for post partum hemorrhage, though. I would recommend meeting with your potential care providers, whether that's an OB or Maternal Fetal specialist if available, and find someone you trust. What do they know about PE and hemorrhage? How will you be monitored? What would be the care plan if a complication would arise? This can help you make your decision if you want to move forward now, wait until you have access to better care, or be done.

Wanting a baby after eclampsia in a third world country

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 02:08 am
by KellieWeed
After having our son 5-1/2 years ago we said we wouldn't do it again, but I really want to be pregnant and have a larger family.

Back story: my water broke at 36w1d and has a great delivery. After delivery he was taken to nicu and was there for 12 days but no major problems. I had hemorrhaging and golf ball size clots and passed out due to blood loss. Bp spiked quickly, was on magnesium and bp topped out at 192/174 with medication. After 6 weeks of bp meds everything went back to normal.

Fastfoward, we love in Honduras but have access to good medical care. Definitely not the highest quality that we had then but good care.

I'm 29, slim, healthy, no family history of preeclampsia and no health risk. Have never needed medication and only hospital visit was having my son.

Am I crazy for wanting another one?!? And having it stateside isn't an option.