Just got a call from my OBGYN!!! Hypren Shots?!

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re : Just got a call from my OBGYN!!! Hypren Shots?!

Postby annegarrett » Tue Aug 10, 2004 12:50 am

Just to make sure those who are reading don't necessarily "try this at home"...heparin and baby aspirin (like antihypertensives, Vits C&E, protein diets, etc...) are not necessarily endorsed (nor discouraged) by the Preeclampsia Foundation. Heparin is not a benign drug--it does have some significant side-effects. Be sure your doctor has screened you for clotting (thrombophilias) prior to starting you on heparin as it is a blood thinner and some women (particularly those who had HELLP) already bled too easily...(Catherine, mind inserting a little Heparin Theory 101 in here?) Whatever you do--do not try this at home--baby aspirin (or adult aspirin) and heparin are therapies that should only be done under the close supervision of your perinatologist--not because you read someone else was doing it on the PF forum. :) I do have a good friend (from here) who did Heparin therapy and she had two healthy babies with it. Not saying it is good or bad...just that it isn't necessarily the cure for everyone.

Thanks for tolerating my two cents!! Wishing everyone much luck with this!!

Anne Garrett
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Re : Just got a call from my OBGYN!!! Hypren Shots?!

Postby dja » Mon Aug 09, 2004 08:34 pm

I'm also going to be taking heparin shots twice per day, + baby aspirin once per day, once I get pregnant. My Protein S was also very low, + I have some other blood clotting issues. I understand that the heparin shots are very effective in treating clotting issues, so you have a better chance of a healthy placenta.

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Re : Just got a call from my OBGYN!!! Hypren Shots?!

Postby lisac » Mon Aug 09, 2004 06:29 pm

Hi Susan,

I'll be taking heparin shots. I did a practice shot and it wasn't that bad. The shots are administered in the stomach area (away from the belly button).

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Re : Just got a call from my OBGYN!!! Hypren Shots?!

Postby bridget » Mon Aug 09, 2004 10:25 am

HI Susan,
I am not doing heparin shots, but I know there are a few women on this board doing them for various blood clotting issues. I know the diagnosis is a catch-22. While it is reassuring to find out a possibe cause of preeclampsia (and hopefully prevent it from happening again), it is somewhat scary to inject yourself with blood thinner daily. I have talked to women who say you get very used to the injections. I think most people give the shots to themselves in the stomach.
One thing to ask your doc is when you should start the shots. I think doctors have different opinions- some say before conception, some say at a positivie pregnancy test, and some like to wait until their is a heartbeat.
Best of luck Susan!

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susan belisle
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Just got a call from my OBGYN!!! Hypren Shots?!

Postby susan belisle » Mon Aug 09, 2004 06:19 am

Hello ladies-

First before we start I just wanted to send my THANK YOU out to all of you. Without this group I would be freaking out right now. We just got the results in from the test were they take 15 viles of blood from you to test for lupus to protien levels. And the results are in. All is good except for Protien S. Normal range is 60-100 and I am at 47. Since I am not pg my OBGYN is not sure what to do. So I had to put a call into my PERI (who is on vacation!!). The concern at this point is wether or not I will need to take Hypren (Sp) shots thoughout the pg to prevent me from forming low level clots. And this could help my platelets from dropping so rapidly like they did when I had serve pre-e with dd. So all and all I guess this is a good thing. My only concern is having to inject a daily shot. Not sure where the shot goes or how I will be at administering one??? Any thoughts on the topic?

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