Have an appt with RE :o)

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re : Have an appt with RE :o)

Postby for faith » Mon Sep 13, 2004 01:25 pm

Wonderful, how great you could get in so soon!!! Hope it goes perfect!!!

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Have an appt with RE :o)

Postby 5thtymachrm » Mon Sep 13, 2004 12:47 am

Hi girls..
just thought I'd let you know that I finally got an appt with an RE for October 1st[:D] I drilled the front office and then 2 nurses about the Re and his supportive staff(arnp's)and asked 2 dozen questions about how things would go, etc. They answered everything to my liking and exceeded in a few areas[:D] So I decided to make an appt. I should hopefully be starting a new cycle at that point, I'll be done with the aygestin(prog) by then. I am excited! only 18days!! They will do ALL of the bloodwork that day at my appt and will have results in a week or so afterwards so we know exactly what we are treating.

now is just the countdown again[:)]At least I have something in my sites to look forward to now.[:D][:D]


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