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Re : Introduction

Postby iansmom » Wed Sep 08, 2004 10:03 am

Ok, my turn to introduce myself!

My name is Jackie Word. I live in Pensacola, Florida. I am the newest co-coordinator for the Alabama/Northwest Florida group. I grew up in Montgomery, AL and attended Auburn University. I have a BS in Wildlife Biology and I am certified to teach Biology. Which brings me to my current life...I am a teacher at an environmental science center owned by the Escambia County (AL) Board of Education. We are also a 501c-3 Foundation. So, I have plenty of grant writing experience to go along with everything else. My husband is a stay at home dad raising Ian who is 2 1/2 and Drew who is 11 weeks.

In December of 2001, I was in Montgomery visiting my family for Christmas when Ian was born. I had high blood pressure throughout the pregnancy, but my doctor was not concerned. I was having liver pain - of course, I didn't know it, and was very swollen. The day after Christmas,(26 weeks) my blood pressure was around 215/150 and climbing. I went to the er and had a c-section immediately. I narrowly escaped dialysis (among other things) and did not think my son would survive. Well, after 14 weeks in the NICU that was 3 hours from our home, he was discharged on his due date. I continued on blood pressure meds. We decided that we would not have any more children...

In September of last year, we changed our mind. I joined the forum and did lots of research and, of course, found a new doctor. So I got pregnant. By 6 weeks my blood pressure was rising daily. BY 11 weeks we had doubled my initial dosage of medication and added a second drug. I was taken out of work and spent 6 months on the couch! Drew was born at 36w 6d by repeat c-section. He was small, but perfectly healthy.

So, I am here because I know that if I had done more research or been better informed by my doctor, things could have been very different. I don't want other women to go through this just because they don't know the possibilities. Making this information easily available is a critical step. I would also like to see an emphasis on research. I would hate to think that my future daughters-in-law might go through what I did.

Ian 12/26/01 - 26 weeks P/E & HELLP
Drew 6/22/04 - 36w 6d Chronic hypertension & IUGR

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Re : Introduction

Postby hannahsmom » Wed Sep 01, 2004 06:14 pm

Tina - My heart just broke when I read your story. I'm so sorry for what you have been through. This is such a wonderful organization that I believe is helping many women cope with pre-e. Unfortunately, too many of us learned about PE the hard way.

I sometimes feel like I have post traumatic stress syndrome from Hannah's birth. My family wants me to have another child, but I am still traumatized over what I went through three years ago. Maybe one day I will be ready, but not any time soon. I think through the knowledge of what I have learned and will learn through PF, I will one day feel comfortable enough to try again.

Thanks for taking on the responsibility of being our coordinator! I think you and Jackie will be great leaders for our chapter.

Mommy to Miss Hannah Rose
26.5 weeker born 8/24/01
severe pre-e & IUGR
1 pound, 1 ounce
12 inches
Miracles do happen!

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Postby tinalowe » Wed Sep 01, 2004 04:03 pm

WEll Carol told me to introduce myself here too so I guess I will! lol
I am cheating and posting a message I posted earlier on another forum! lol

My name is Tina, I am 23. My Dh, Dereck is 26. On December 28, 2003 I woke up with blurred vision, a pounding headache, and a little pain in my chest. Within 30 minutes of waking I began to have seizures. I had been having sinus trouble and a cold so I contributed everything except the blurred vision to that. Actually, when the seizures started I was about 2 minutes away from calling my doc. I was rushed first to a hospital about 20 miles south, where they tried to stabilize me, then rushed 60 miles north of there to a larger hospital and my doc. Dh was told the only option was an emergency c-section. so with papers signed they got the ball rolling. Upon doing an ultrasound they found no heartbeat, the umbilical cord had wrapped around her kneck. My doc told me later that my seizures probably sent her into overdrive causing this, since she was kicking before they started he knew she died sometime in between. My little Emma was born sleeping at 8:34 pm weighing 2lbs 4oz and 14 1/4" long at 30 weeks gestation. My heart was shattered the instant I found out. Over the months I have tried to pick up the pieces and have finally found myself in a place where I can move on. We are currently ttc #2 and in God's time I know we will have a baby brother or sister for Emma.

I think the main reason why I decided to become a coordinator is because if I had known the symptoms of pre-e I would have been in the ER at least 2 days prior. It won't bring my angel back, but if through my heartache I can help another then i feel it won't all be in vain. I have learned more about bp and preganancy in the last 8 months then I ever thought I would in my lifetime.

I am currently a housewife. I had planned to start back to school this fall after Emma was born, but have decided to put that on hold for right now. I am extremely excited about getting the Alabama chapter up and going as well as doing all I can to help the PF in any way possible.[:)]

Tina 23
DH Dereck 26

Emma Victoria stillborn 12-28-03 severe pre-e

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