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New option for organizing a walk

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 638290 10:04 am
by bicyclist
Good Morning,

I am excited to share that Jodi, Dawn and I held our first state walk conference call last night with Pennsylvania members. This proved to be an effective way to mobilize, energize and support our volunteers to build a fundraising event.

We would like to offer this new option to interested groups. If you are interested in pulling a group together please email me with a date for your meeting as soon as possible. I'll send you a sample message that you can send to your state member list to recruit interested members for a call, in addition to posting a message in your state forum. When your date is set we'll put in a request to post it on the forum calendar.

To create national awareness we'd like to have as many walks on May 10th as possible. If your group decides May 10th is to soon, you can choose another date, including fall.

Check out the PA forum (it's brief) for Dawn's post there (as a sample). We are working hard to put the fun back into fundraising and I hope you'll consider trying this new option.

Working toward a cure,

Kathy Maguire