State Coordinator?

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Re : State Coordinator?

Postby jillmushet » Fri Feb 04, 2005 09:04 am

Hello Everyone!

I am the newly-minted Arizona Coordinator. My husband, daughter, and I live in Chandler which is in metro-Phoenix.

Claire was delivered on 3/3/00 at 1:06 AM in Phoenix at Good Sam. It was a cold and rainy night. She was 3lbs, 3oz. After a couple of days in primary NICU, she was moved to their secondary unit for a couple of weeks, then to the upstairs nursery where "the babies just eat and get fat" according to Nurse Brenda! After three weeks of wonderful care and steady improvement, Claire arrived home.

On March 2, 2000, I went in for my scheduled appt to find that my blood pressure was very high (180/120?), protein was in my urine, and the extreme pain I felt days earlier was not heartburn. I did not have the flu. My doctor orderd me to the hosital, and he specifically told me to have someone else drive me. My husband was out of town(Las Vegas!). The owner of the pre-school where I taught drove me. I was admitted and immediately began to be induced. They started slow. When my doctor arrived that evening, she took one look at me and said, "Jill, I wouldn't have recognized you." I was so swollen. For a few months, I had been examined by the nurse practioner and other doctors in the group. This was recommended so that if another doctor delivered, I would know him or her.

While she was examining me, my husband called. She suggested he stay in Vegas for the night, because the baby wasn't coming until "dinnertime tomorrow." Of course, my husband got on the first available flight back home. He walked up to the ticket counter and said, "My wife is having a baby!" The reservationist put him in first class.

Just at midnight he walked into my room, and things started to go crazy. You know something is up when 7 medical staff are suddenly around you. An hour later, I was having an emergency c-section.

My doctor and nurses tried to explain PE and HELLP to me. I knew that my baby and I had been in danger. However, It wasn't until the day we went to pick up Claire that I began to realize the true severity. On a bright, sunny Saturday morning, we went to the hospital to bring Claire home. At the elevator, I saw a familiar face. A former co-worker and her husband were waiting for the doors to open. I greeted her and told her I had had a baby and she was coming home today! She reported that her sister-in-law had delivered a baby and had "severe toximia". The baby was 3lbs 4oz. I told them that the baby would receive excellent care. They still looked very worried. We entered the elevator. L&D and NICU is on 3, labor recovery is on 5. They pressed 11. Later that week, during a visit with my employer, I heard the news that the new mother had died.

The owner of the preschool was concerned and upset. "Why don't the doctors tell you girls about this? Shouldn't there be a brochure they can give to you so you know what to look for?"

My 1# goal is to raise funds for brochures, and then see to proper distribution.


Jill mushet

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Re : State Coordinator?

Postby laura » Wed Feb 02, 2005 09:57 pm

Yes, I think there is- her name is Jill Mushet- hopefully she'll chime in here soon!

AK Area Coordinator

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State Coordinator?

Postby caryn » Wed Feb 02, 2005 09:50 pm

Is there an Arizona coordinator?

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