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Re : any news?

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2005 11:58 pm
by julie f
Hey ladies!

Just wanted to say that I will be down in SD for a couple of days next month so, I'll email those of you that I know live there to see if maybe we can get together for coffee or lunch or anything really! If you live in the San Diego area and I missed you, please email me,

Hope to meet you in "real life" soon!

Re : any news?

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2005 01:24 am
by sandy
"...and the medical conference of research docs in preeclampsia is here in San Diego next summer... so maybe we can get you all involved in that."
oooh...that sounds exciting to be a part of. Maybe I could volunteer and be around to hear some talks, if that would be appropriate. Keep us posted about that one, Eleni.

Re : any news?

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2005 00:45 am
by eleni
Keep me posted if you still plan to get down to SD in September. Craziness as usual with my life. Oldest just started 1st grade, youngest will start 2 day preschool in a couple weeks. They both became pretty good swimmers this summer and of course, I have the love/hate paradox of watching them grow up so quickly.

In PF matters...we'll have to see if our group can sign on for a bona fide SoCal walk-a-thon for next year...and the medical conference of research docs in preeclampsia is here in San Diego next summer... so maybe we can get you all involved in that.

Re : any news?

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2005 11:12 pm
by cassie05
Just wanted to say I am jealous of you all. I grew up in So Cal and moved away in November :( I miss it so much.

Re : any news?

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2005 07:31 pm
by nborrayo
It HAS been quiet! Let's do something [:)]
Here, we have just been busy with Claire who is VERY active and VERY verbal. (she is screaming at me right now!) And trying, nicely, to convince DH to try for another child. That's it.

Re : any news?

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2005 01:33 am
by julie f
Hey ladies!

Sandy & Allison - It is so good to hear what is going on with you two! I'm actually going to be down in your neck of the woods for a bit in September - I hope we can get together, I'll email you.

Things in our house are good! I can't believe Jack is getting so big so fast, I have no idea where the time goes and I wish I could slow it down just a bit. I'm enjoying the heck out of him, and of course worried that I'm somehow screwing him up for the rest of his life already...[B)]

I look forward to hearing more updates!

Re : any news?

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2005 04:31 pm
by sandy
Hi Allison,
Actually, this is news to me! Lots of exciting things going on for you and your family. :) 30 in a few days...that's a big one.

I have always toyed with the idea of taking up running, but I get shin splints when I try. Had a really good friend in high school who played field hockey, so I'd try running w/her way back then, and the shin splints would matter how well I worked on my form. :(

Am possibly considering trying again, because w/2 little ones, I could combine stroller walks w/at least jogging to get some exercise in. Joined a nearby gym last week, so will see what happens with that.

I didn't give an update about what's going on w/us here, so I will now:

Things are quieting down in our household, because we have decided to not be pregnant anymore!! This is providing great stress relief for both DH and me, and at the same time, just last week...I'm looking at my 5.5 month old and realizing she's our last. Making me a little wishful for more, but our hearts, finances, and marriage just can't take another baby. So 2 is it! Had PPD and finally started meds and counseling about 2 months ago. Feeling back to my old self now, finally.

Now I need to get back into shape!

My mother-in-law is the only family member living close to us (actually we really don't have much farther away either) and she has been dealing w/cancer for the past 3 years. She's now on oxygen pretty much 24/7 and chemo isn't working anymore (it has metasticized-spelling?). She is starting to take a pill instead of the chemo and at least for now it has stopped the growth of the cancer (which is now in her lung which keeps filling w/fluid and her chest; started out as breast cancer). So we're still in more of a caretaking role with her, but with me not being on bedrest, we have more energy for this and we are enjoying spending lots of time with her these days.

I'm getting the hang of being a SAHM of 2 and we're getting out and about pretty much every day at least for a little while and enjoying getting to know other kids and moms in the area. My oldest is starting to "test her limits" (just turned 2) and is getting really cute in the things she does. Having her assessed for speech issues next week. Her pediatrician says she's fine, but she's really not saying much, so I'll have that checked out just to be sure.

My youngest is teething the past few days and I feel really sorry for her! Still trying to figure out what will help her be most comfortable. Trying teething tablets, teether that goes in the refrigerator, frozen/cool washcloth, tylenol, holding her more...still looking for the right combination. She only naps about 20 minutes in the am/20 in the pm, and this has been consistent. Where is that 90 minute am/90 minute pm nap I enjoyed with my oldest when she was this age?

This is getting too long.

Looking forward to hearing what is going on with other CA members!

Re : any news?

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2005 01:50 pm
by arj
Hi Sandy,
Well, you already know most of this, but for anyone else who cares...

We had originally planned on TTC as soon as I returned from deployment, but have "revised" the plan. [:)] I get out of the Navy in late May, and hubby and I have decided to plan a trip to "Bora Bora" to CELEBRATE my new life as a civilian! I really don't want to be pregnant for that, so we're planning on trying during/after the vacation. It works out better this way, as we're just not ready for another one yet. Evan is quite active and demanding. I just can't imagine being pregnant right now, feeling nauseous and drained and then chasing after him. Forget about it!!

Also, I'm totally enjoying getting back into peak shape. I'm running in a 1/2 marathon this Sunday and I hope to break 2 hours. Then, I'm going to start training for a triathlon that's in October. I really miss training/competing, so it's exciting for me to get back into this lifestyle that I kissed goodbye so long ago. It'll be kind of hard to leave it again when we decide to have another one. Although I really enjoyed being pregnant, I didn't enjoy having to give up my normal fitness routine and then struggling to get back into shape. It's a difficult road back.

I start my Lactation Consultant program at UCSD next month. I'm very excited for a career change. Hopefully I'll be able to roll right into a part-time job after I get out of the Navy. Fingers crossed!!!

And I'll be 30 on August 18th. YIKES!!!

any news?

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2005 00:19 am
by sandy
Hi Californians,
It's been quiet on this part of the forum...

Any new members who'd like to say 'hi' or any continuing members who'd like to post any updates about how they and their families are doing?