Any Los Angeles PE and HELLP syndrome survivors?

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Re: Any Los Angeles PE and HELLP syndrome survivors?

Postby caryn » Mon Nov 21, 640501 9:00 pm

Welcome to the boards, Adriana; I am so sorry you lost your baby to this brutal disease. How has your recovery been going?

This is an older thread, and I'm not sure if there's a Los Angeles walk scheduled yet for this year - the Promise Walk website doesn't have one listed yet:

But I know we have a lot of people in the LA area - hopefully some will see this!
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A chance to participate in research? For us on Facebook or Twitter?

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Re: Any Los Angeles PE and HELLP syndrome survivors?

Postby Ourlove » Thu Nov 10, 640501 9:33 am

Hi my name is Adriana. I' am a PE & HELLP Survivor. I was diagnosed with PE & HELLP at 22 weeks & delivered my sleeping Angel Sariyah at 22 weeks & 4 days (December 15th, 2013). This is my first time reaching out but I would be more then Happy to be a part of this walk.

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Re: Any Los Angeles PE and HELLP syndrome survivors?

Postby dressagequeen42 » Sat Jun 24, 639262 7:25 pm

I am a HELLP Syndrome survivor who lives in Sherman Oaks (near the junction of the 405 and 101 freeways.) I would love to meet up with others who have suffered this rare illness. I recently tried to start my own support group (advertised on "Resolve.") Two women RSVP'd "yes" but only 1 showed. She said she thought we should open it up to husbands (make it a couples support group). My husband and I agreed, and with her input, we scheduled another meeting but she cancelled last minute, and we have not scheduled another meeting. Interestingly her case presented completely differently than mine, (Mine was much more severe.)

If anyone is interested in a once-a-month support group meeting for survivors of HELLP Syndrome (can be for couples or just for women) please let me know. I would be happy to host.



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Re: Any Los Angeles PE and HELLP syndrome survivors?

Postby johanna8683 » Tue Jul 17, 639240 8:43 pm

I'm currently living in Pasadena. I recently joined this forum and would be interested in meeting any other HELLP survivors. Both my son and I were lucky -- as lucky as one can be when unlucky enough to develop HELLP -- and seem to be physically ok after I developed HELLP at the end of my first pregnancy. I am extremely anxious about HELLP in future pregnancies, which we hope will start within the next year. Preparing for a second pregnancy has caused my emotional reaction to HELLP and childbirth to resurface (anxiety, helplessness, anger, jealousy, sadness) So I'm embarking on an independent literature search into HELLP, in particular Atypical HELLP and the connection between DVTs and HELLP. I'm also interested in connecting with other survivors; it's comforting to speak with others who have experienced something as scary as HELLP and PE. I'm starting to get a team (of family and colleagues) together for the OC Promise Walk on May 14. But if anyone wants to meet me beforehand, please send me a message.
JoHanna, DVT and HELLP survivor, living and loving her lucky little Leland, who made it to full-term to be born on 8-9-10. Married to a supportive husband and wonderful father who puts up with her obsessing over HELLP on a regular basis. Wanting to conceive again but still worrying about the "what if's" ... being an empathetic pessimist doesn't help.

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Re: Any Los Angeles PE and HELLP syndrome survivors?

Postby riehlism » Sun Apr 29, 639240 10:27 am

I'm in Reseda, CA. This year will be my first Promise Walk since I lost my son last June. Since there isn't a Promise Walk in Los Angeles, I will be joining the San Diego Promise Walk since my in-laws live down there. I hope to see some of you ladies there.
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Re: Any Los Angeles PE and HELLP syndrome survivors?

Postby misscoleyp » Sat Apr 22, 639234 9:08 pm

Hi Jennifer,

California has exploded with Promise Walks. This year there will be one in San Diego, Irvine and San Jose. Check them out at

Promise Walk for Preeclampsia Regional Coach
DFW Promise Walk Chair

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Re: Any Los Angeles PE and HELLP syndrome survivors?

Postby saffron » Sun Mar 05, 639234 1:42 pm

I'm in the San Fernando Valley. Had HELLP syndrome with my second son in October 2006. I did the Promise Walk in San Diego last year, but am considering getting one going in the L.A. area.
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Re: Any Los Angeles PE and HELLP syndrome survivors?

Postby cmccaffrey » Mon Feb 13, 639234 12:28 am

I am a PE survivor in Santa Monica. My son, Mason, lived 3 days after being delivered at 30.3 weeks. I would love to participate in the Promise Walk. I will look it up on facebook now!
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Re : Any Los Angeles PE and HELLP syndrome survivors?

Postby meredithdrews » Fri Jun 18, 638945 10:57 am

Hi there.
I'm a PE/HELLP survivor and live in OC...I was pregnant with twin baby girls in 2007 when at 24 weeks I developped severe pre-e and severe HELLP syndrome. I was forced to deliver to save my life. My sweet baby girls were too little though and both passed away about an hour after they were born.
I chair the Orange County Promise Walk for Preeclampsia. Nationally, walks have been held for five or six years now, but last year was the first for Orange County. Next year, our walk will be May 14th if you are interested in joining us! We have a Facebook Group you can join for more's Orange County Promise Walk for Preeclampsia.
I also am working to develop an Orange County group for the Preeclampsia Foundation. We're working on a fundraiser right now through Jamba Juice so if you're interested in that or anything else, let me know!
I'd love to hear your story...
Take care.
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Any Los Angeles PE and HELLP syndrome survivors?

Postby » Sun Jan 20, 638943 11:23 pm

Looking to meet up or online chat with Los Angeles area survivors 2010.

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