New diagnosis..confused

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Re: New diagnosis..confused

Postby leprdmom » Sun Oct 23, 2016 07:52 pm

Hi there...
Even though I am an OB nurse by trade, I could never diagnose you. Having had pre-elcampsia 5x (yes 5x), my symptoms were different each time and presented at different points in my pregnancies. My first pregnancy, my dd was born at 32weeks, the next 3 were term deliveries and the pre-e crept in as I was going into labor, not before and my last pregnancy (twins), my MD's were watching me closely knowing my protein kept creeping up, my bp's kept creeping up and finally they said, we just need to get this done (I felt fine!) So there is no textbook answer to your question. In the "old days", they used to call it a "triad" of symptoms which would confirm pre-e or not....protein, high bp and extreme is not that cut and dry now however. Pre-eclampsia can be very stealth in its approach...your MD seems to be wavering on whether you have it or not but is being cautiously optimistic. Follow her directions....check your blood pressure often (if you haven't gotten a machine yet, go get one)..if it gets close to her parameters--->call your MD; if you have swelling in your face or hands -->call your MD; if that nagging headache doesn't go away--->call your MD.

Your other symptoms can just be pregnancy related or UTI related --just make sure your MD is aware of them. Constipation is common especially while on prenatal vitamins (and possibly an add'l iron supplement?) and hormones; the burning pain could be reflux, again common due to hormones.

Always air to the side of caution and call MD if you feel like something does not seem normal or if you're just not sure. Don't take anything for granted--that bp of 160/100 CAN happen.

Hopefully I gave you a little professional and personal insight..good luck to you!!!!

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New diagnosis..confused

Postby 7isHeaven » Wed Oct 12, 2016 01:29 am

Hi all! I've been reading these forums for last few weeks and finally decided to post. Here's some info: I'm 29, married for 8 years, 3 biological children, pregnant with the 4th(27 weeks), adopted 3 children. So this will be number 7 for us. I've had mostly healthy pregnancies however I do have rheumatoid arthritis. My blood pressure is normally in the low range. Anyways here's the current situation: at 23 weeks I went in for a routine check up. Blood pressure was 140/80(I'm normally probably 100/60) then I was sent for labs and a 24 hr urine test. Did all that. Protein in the urine came back at 324. Also I was pretty anemic. Dr calls me and says I'm now her highest risk patient, I need to come in right away, all that. Ever since then, my blood pressure hasn't gone over 130/80, it's usually like mid 115-125/70-79. My doctor sends me for steroid shots at the hospital in case baby is born soon! She won't let me go past 37 weeks but HOPES I make it to 34. Im so confused!!! She tells me to go to the hospital if it gets to 160/100 and i laugh because I literally can't even imagine it ever going that high and I think she's being ridiculous! Then the next week she kinda goes back on what she says, I have my third UTI since June, maybe I'm not preeclamptic but that she will order another blood test and another 24 hour urine test, based on that she will refer me to the high risk doctor.
Now, all that aside. My symptoms! I have had a nagging constant headache for 10 days, it's the worst in the morning when i first wake up. My pee is...foamy. I'm SUPER constipated, now I have neck pain, it hurts to touch my sternum, burning rib pain. She told me to take Tylenol. My feet swell if I do a lot, it goes away after rest and putting them up. I feel like I'm either crazy or she is.
So here I guess are my questions:
Do I reeeeeeally have pre eclampsia if all I have is some protein in my urine?
Anyone else diagnosed pretty early on in pregnancy and just have the protein?

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