Did anyone actually make it to the zoo?

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Re : Did anyone actually make it to the zoo?

Postby tafkap » Wed Nov 18, 637361 11:31 am

We were there, along with another couple and their two kids. It was great! I'll try to post pics here in a bit.

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Did anyone actually make it to the zoo?

Postby jknutsen » Wed Nov 18, 637361 4:17 am

Chuck came home from skateboarding right as we were leaving the house and wanted to go with us. So, we waited for him, drive over there and it was sooooo packed we didn't think we'd even get in the parking lot, much less find a spot. Not to mention, Anton refused to take a morning nap and therefore, passed out in the car. I was gonna put his leopard costume on him in the parking lot, but we decided it just wasn't gonna work out for Anton or us and we'd all just be grumpy. So, we skipped the zoo & went to Target, which was just as packed unfortunately.

Sorry to have missed everyone, I was really looking forward to going, but things just got all screwed up. By the time we got to Target it was drizzling anyways. Did you guys get wet? I hope it wasn't too bad.

Oh well, maybe next time. [:(]

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