Hi Everyone! I'm new here.

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Re : Hi Everyone! I'm new here.

Postby jknutsen » Tue Nov 02, 637649 11:34 am

Welcome to the PF Heather! I'm Joyce (30) & DH is Chuck (29). We have an almost 19 m.o. son, Anton. We're in Denver near Lowry.

Glad to have you with us. I think you are brave for wanting another one and I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide. We're on the fence right now too. Although, my PE experience was relatively mild compared to yours. You have gone through sooooo much! Kudos to you & your Megan. You are both fighters!!!

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Hi Everyone! I'm new here.

Postby hbooth » Thu Oct 21, 637649 9:53 am

My name is Heather Booth. I live in Elizabeth, CO. On April 9th, 2004 I gave birth to a 1 lb, 9oz. baby girl named Megan. She was born at 27 weeks. She was born early due to the fact that I had gotten to sick to carry her any longer because of severe preeclampsia. My whole pregnancy was and up hill battle from day one. I've always dreamed of a house full of children, but my preganancy started out with 3 months of extreme morning sickness 24/7. I had a couple of good weeks and then at 20 weeks I was told that I was going to have a little girl, but my cervix was starting to thin. I was put on partial bedrest. At 25 weeks I started to have contractions and went to the hospital. They had them under control very quickly, but noticed that I had protien in my urine and my blood pressure was a little high. Little did I know that I would not leave the hosptial until I gave birth. It was up and down for the next 2 weeks. Until my brain started to swell and my blood pressure started to soar. I was given Mag a few different times and a labatoal drip which was scarry. These procedures failed and I was induced, but I couldn't go past 4 cent. because of the Mag. In about the 20th hour my baby's heart rate dropped and I was rushed in for a emergency c-section. They couldn't get my left side numb so I was put under. Which was probably a blessing, because she came out blue, bruised and not moving or breathing and was rushed to the NICU down the hall. The preclampsia caused several different problems (protine in my urnine, soaring blood pressures above 216/115, fluid in my lungs, severally sweeled legs, low amniotic fluid and the placenta started to starve my baby). I was told later on, that all these were related to preeclampsia. The next few days after delivery were scarier then the ones before. At times I really thought I was going to die. My doctor told me much later that she was starting to get nervous as well. I wasn't well enough to actually see my baby until she was 4 days old. My blood pressures issues didn't get better right away and they started to fear that my kidneys and liver were shutting down. Lucky a week later I was sent home on 3 different blood pressure meds and partly because I begged everyday to go home I was sent home with out my baby. Luckly I recovered after about 3 months and Megan was my little miricle. After 3 months in the NICU she was sent home on oxegen, a blood pressure machine and several medications. The first month was so scary with several ups and downs, but the doctors and therapists can't belive how well she has done. She had no surgerys and has no outstanding issues except that she is really small, due to severe reflux for the last year and half. She is 21 months and only 15 pounds. The doctors say they are not very worried and if that is her only issue then I'm very lucky. Other then that she is a very typical 21 month old.

We are actually thinking about having another one. Of corse everyone thinks I'm nuts, but I feel I will always regret not trying to have one more. Just last week I went to a specialist who ran a ton of tests. I should get the test results soon. Most likly I will have to have heprin shots, and surgery to close my cervix shut since they feel it's too week to hold another pregnancy. I'm just crossing my fingers that it all turn out ok, and that I can muster up enough courage to try it again. My only fear now is that I would have another preemie or something would happen to me in the process and I would leave my little girl without a mother. I'm sure most of you have wrestled with these same thoughts.

I have started my own website to help parents of preemies preemiehealth.com, it's fairly new so if anyone has any suggestions or recomendations I'm all ears.
Thanks for listening,

Heather Booth

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