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Re : Update

Postby aimeejane » Wed Nov 16, 2005 12:01 am

Congratulations, Susannah!! I'm glad to see that Audrey arrived safely.

How are you feeling these days?

mikeys mom
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Re : Update

Postby mikeys mom » Sat Nov 05, 2005 02:28 pm

Congratlations on the baby! I am in georgia also and everyone I know had boys this year so I am glad o see there is a little girl also in the mix..

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Postby slassetter » Mon Sep 12, 2005 12:47 am

Well, not much since my last post. The baby is moving a lot more now which makes me think that maybe, hopefully my AFI will have gone up or atleast not gone down when we go in for a check tomorrow. We will also have a growth check tomorrow, I am hoping for maybe 4lbs, 10 oz, something like that--hey 5 lbs would be great. Only 16 more days until my induction starts at 8pm on the 27th. We are so excited, and scared at the same time. I am starting to have the usual doubts in myself, will I know what to do with her once I get her home, will I feed her too little, too much? Stuff like that. My dh, bless his heart, is worried that she will be sick. I have tried to reassure him that 37 weeks and 3 days is almost term, and some doctors even consider that full term. I too though, am planning on covering my ears when she is born until someone punches me and tells me she is crying, so I should really not be telling him to not be scared. Reality of being a parent, still has not set in. I mean I see all the baby stuff around the house, all put up in it's place, crib set up, changing table, bassinet in the bedroom, pack and play in living room, car seat buckled in, bags packed all that good stuff, but the fact that in about 3 weeks, Audrey will be home (prayerfully) here with us, well, it is kinda freaking me out. I know this is just common first baby jitters and that as soon as I see her and hold her and kiss her that all fear will pass away, but I guess for the next 2 weeks, I will be this way. Anyway, I will update tomorrow after U/S and Wednesday after NST and DA.

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