Anyone in the Chicago area?

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Re : Anyone in the Chicago area?

Postby carolh » Thu Aug 12, 2004 12:55 am

Hi Michelle -

I realize my response to your post is quite delayed but I've been going through this new state 'chapter' section and trying to monitor the posts and make responses. I've just recently taken on the role of helping to coordinate groups who are interested in starting a 'chapter' in their state or region and wondered whether you are still interested?

I know you've been a member for a long while and are the On Bedrest moderator. I also see that you have 3 little ones (!) and don't know if you still have the energy for yet another task! But, I wanted to at least reach out to you.

In case you are interested, as coordinator you would be the key contact person and would basically organize/lead the group's activities, communicate with the members in your area, and be the liaison to myself and the national office. We currently have 15 states/regions represented.

If you are interested in doing this, I'll set up a phone call with you to get some information and to answer any questions. If we're comfortable with everything and we agree to move forward, I would send you some coordinator documents and the list of registered members in your area for you to make contact with.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Carol Hamilton, Pharm.D.
Michigan Coordinator
Director of Chapter Development
Ann Arbor

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Anyone in the Chicago area?

Postby momathelete » Fri May 09, 2003 08:14 pm

I am in the suburbs of Chicago and would love to start a chapter here. Anyone else from that area??

mom to Cole Thomas -former 28.5 weeker (3-5-99, 3 lbs)due to HELLP and Madelaine Grace "Lainey" -former 29.5 (10-11-01, 3lbs 4oz)weeker due to Pre-E and now expecting third, on bedrest, have high blood pressure and would love to see this baby make it to my new goal of 32 weeks -May 24th. Due to perinatologist's suggestion, I am on C,E,B12,B6,Omega-3, iron, prenatal, calcium, baby aspirin and bp meds

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