Mtg to schedule & My Little Golden Boy

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Mtg to schedule & My Little Golden Boy

Postby timelessbeauty » Tue May 17, 2005 10:13 am

OK, so he's a little jaundice right now from breastfeeding and maybe some of that epi did take effect on his system before he was born. I cannot believe my little boy is already a week old and then some. He has his first appointment tomorrow because we have one car and my husband is off tomorrow. All my kids have had jaundice so I'm not worried about this golden glow that my son seems to exude.

I would like to start talking about an Indiana meeting and scheduling some events or activities that we can do to help PF. Officially I was not diagnosed with PE this time around but I know the signs and symptoms and I was on my way. SO that makes Three times I've had it and once I did not. But what a ride to escape it until 38 wks and 4 days! That is a personal record!

I would like to get a meeting going for all folks interested in Indiana. I am sorry I could not be more help to Evansville's WAT as I was having the baby the weekend of the event. I hope all went well Evansville! I would like to see what kind of interest we have in Indiana for hosting an event. Indianapolis is jam packed in the summer with events and organized functions but I am sure we can add to the mix and obtain a great turn out. I have quite a few contacts to utilize and that is just me. I have full family support as well to help find a cure as no one in my family would like to see my daughters go through this dreadful condition as I have.

Feel free to email me and I will look to set something up and get it posted with the proper authorities here at PF! Summer vacation is a precious time for most all families but also may be a good time to meet. I look foward to hearing from Indiana members about meeting! June sound good to anyone?

Your ever present Indiana Coordinator,

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