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Postby amyjayne » Fri Mar 28, 2008 05:33 am

My name is Amy and I used to live in Iowa Falls. I just would like to say that I was touched by the loss of your daughter, Shelly, even though I didn't know her or her husband. I had pre-eclampsia about a year and a half before she did, I was the same age when I had my son as she was when she died and her death really brought back those painful memories. I always remember just how blessed I was to only have the mild really brings your life into perspective after having this disease. I held my son a little tighter after hearing about what happened to Shelly. I can't imagine... I know my family and friends were touched by your loss as well. I ended up forwarding them articles about Shelly and asking them to pray for your granddaughter. Surprisingly, a few of them didn't even realize how severe pre-eclampsia and HELLP can be...even knowing what I went through.
Let me just add that I am so sorry for your loss, even years later I know the pain is still there having lost people in my own life, but I'm blessed to see how you are honoring her life and your granddaughters life with this walk-a-thon. I participated in 2004 when my son was still an infant and I enjoyed it a lot. I know how important awareness can be so please keep up the good work!!! I hope you have a great turn out and beautiful weather!!
May God bless you both and your granddaughter,
Amy :-)

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