Kentucky Brochure Campaign -- Get the Word Out

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Kentucky Brochure Campaign -- Get the Word Out

Postby timelessbeauty » Sun Feb 05, 2006 03:24 pm

The PF's 'Get the Word Out' campaign is gaining speed around the country. The cornerstone of this campaign is our emphasis on national brochure distribution through its emphasis on networking with all area members.

We want all pregnant women to know the signs and symptoms of PE. These brochures give the signs and symptoms and more, so that women can recognize this disease. The brochures were made with the patient and doctor in mind.

This is the brochure so many of us wish we had received when we were newly pregnant.

The national office also has a letter written to the health professional to accompany a sample brochure. This letter addresses concerns a health professional may have in regards to the brochure.

We would like members to ask doctors and other health professionals to keep a supply of these brochures on hand and to distribute them to all of their new patients or those with a history of PE.

Please post your questions and comments. Email me for a copy of the brochure cover letter, distribution list and if you would like to receive some brochures to start helping this process of distribution in your area. It only takes one pebble to ripple the entire pond, join me in tossing a few pebbles around Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky! [:D][:I][:)][8)][:p]

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