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Re : Early PE

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 06:52 am
by grammy
Thanks for answering so Quickly. She is seeing a family practice dr only. Her last ultrasound was Jan 6th, she found out about the PE on her next appt Jan 9th. she didn't tell me the specifics BP, urine count, etc.. Just that her Dr said she had PE and the protein in her urine and that it was a reacion to the baby's dad's blood.being different then hers.? I don't get that but.. and that she should come in if she has a seizure or feels really bad. otherwise he would see her in 4 weeks. I don't understand that DR at ALL. I am in Indiana and She is in ND so I don't get to go in to talk to the dr myself or anything.

Re : Early PE

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 01:05 am
by laura
Wow! My goodness! Ok- there are a couple possible ways to look at your daughter's situation. First is worst case scenario- she really is developing preeclampsia and we all need to keep our fingers crossed that she can hang on as long as she can. It has happened before, and I'm hoping someone who has been able to hold off delivering long enough for baby to get to viablity will jump in here with hope for you. If they don't, it isn't because it hasn't happened, it just is that maybe they haven't seen this yet.

Second is a mixed bag- the doc may think that your daughter has an underlying issue that might be triggering hypertension and proteinuria. If she has preexisting kidney issues or hypertension, it may not be as big a concern as if she were developing the disease of preeclampsia, which usually has about two weeks between diagnosis and necessitated delivery.

At this point it might be good to ask them a few questions to clarify the situation:
Does the doc think that there is kidney disease and/or chronic hypertension triggering these lab findings?
What exactly are the lab findings? How high is the hypertension and how much proteinuria does she have?
Is she seeing a perinatologist- a high risk pregnancy specialist preferably at a teaching/research hospital?
Does the doctor think she'll make it to term? to 35 weeks? to 28 weeks?
Is she inpatient at the hospital or being managed as an outpatient? If so, how often is she being monitored?
When was her last ultrasound? Did baby's growth look ok? How about the blood flow around the placenta?

Grammy, I'm waiting with bated breath to hear how your daughter is doing. Please let us know what you find out, and if we can help with anything!

Early PE

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2006 00:41 am
by grammy
Hi I am a worried grammy, My daughter is at 21 weeks and already has PE and protien in her urine. This seems very very early to me. Anyone know if the Baby and her have a fighting chance at this early stage? I had PE when pregnant with her but was much farther along was at about 35 weeks. Her Dr. doesn't seem the least bit concerned. scares me.