looks like I will be DH-less ( for our Sat. trip)

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Re : looks like I will be DH-less ( for our Sat. trip)

Postby akemt » Thu Jan 12, 2006 09:59 pm

OY! I must say you had me scared there with that title for a minute! I hope that the quarenteen and meds all work out well. Tell dh we hope he gets well soon!

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Re : looks like I will be DH-less ( for our Sat. trip)

Postby lorelei » Thu Jan 12, 2006 09:21 pm

Oh no! Poor thing!! That's just terrible. I hope he gets to feeling better soon. As long as Kevin is coming we'll be ok. Joey asked me last night if other men were going to be there or was it just the girls and him..lol. So tell me Meg, who was that in your Christmas pictures?? LOL~

Sure hope nobody else catches it...it sounds terrible!! ((((HUGS))))

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looks like I will be DH-less ( for our Sat. trip)

Postby meg » Thu Jan 12, 2006 09:14 pm

Last Fri DH Ken showed with poisen ivy. It got worse and worse for a few days and covered his whole body..it was in his bloodstream[xx(] He has been pretty darn miserable. We was finally getting some better but still had some open/oozy sores on his hand. Well today, he call me about 10am saying he was going home from work b/c he had high fever, chills,body aches, etc. So I begged him to go to the doc incase his poisen ivy had gotten infected or something. So he went. The doc says she doesnt thing what he has is related to the poisen ivy. At first she is sure its the flu, but then she did bloodwork. She said what was elevated in his blood showed the oposite of what it would be with the flu. It ment he had some sort of bacterial infection. He throat is hurting so it might be strep, but with all of the flu like symptoms she thinks it could be some kind of staff infection. She gave him an antibiotic and said he is extreamly contagious whatever it is he has. He has to basically be quarintiened for at least 24 hours and she said we couldnt even use the same towels, etc[:0] he has to go back Monday to get another blood test. if it doesnt look better she is going to assume it a MSRA staff infection which is antibiotic resisent and he will have to go on a CIPRO antibiotic! YUCK! SO he is totaly misterable and horrible. I am stressed that no kids catch it and also stressed b/c I have to do ALL of the childcare and housework and running kids to schools and activities. SIGH.... so I doubt he will feel like going on Sat and even if he does, I doubt all of you want him around your kids ;)
Lori, I told Jen that you were going to think I didnt really have a DH[:p] I swear I do! LOL

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