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Hello Tennessee

Postby lucyann_k » Sat Jan 23, 637041 9:23 pm

My name is Annaleese Kennedy. I live in memphis TN. I suffered from Preeclampsia starting in my 24th week of my pregnancy. I was on bed rest until I delived by emergency c-section in the begining of my 30th week. I had a little boy. His name is William Joseph Kennedy. He lived for 49 days 6 hours and 34 minutes. He died from an infection called NEC, which I was told was very commen to babies whoes mothers suffered from Preeclampsia. I am telling you this so you can understand why the fondation and its mission is important to me. I want to help spread the word, raise awareness, and hopefully one day see a cure for this illness. I hope that there is someone else who shares this passion. I am looking for someone to help me with coordinating the Tennessee Chapter of the Fondation. If you have thought about helping and did not think you wanted to do it by yourself or did not think you had time, please let me know. Maybe between us we can make a difference in our area!

Annaleese Kennedy
Tennessee Coordinator

TTC #2
William J. Kennedy
12/15/02 - 2/4/03
Born 10 Weeks Early Pre-E

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