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Re: Promise Walk blogs about Texas Promise Walk - check it o

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 639247 5:33 pm
by laeta904
It was great this year! Beautiful location with lots of shade. :)

Promise Walk blogs about Texas Promise Walk - check it out

Posted: Fri Aug 04, 639234 3:27 pm
by blznbec
January 28, 2011
Dallas Walk Goes Big—Texas Style!

This coming May Dallas will host its third annual Promise Walk for Preeclampsia with Nicole Purnell and Jennifer Joyce at the helm. After the inaugural walk in 2009, Nicole decided she wanted to go big! Isn’t that how they always do things in Texas? 2010 proved to be a banner year in Dallas with over 150 participants and more than $14,000 raised.

So, how do they top that for 2011 and what’s on the radar for this year?

Nicole and Jennifer have been thinking of ways to make this coming year a success since the final walker crossed the finish line last year. They are hoping their efforts pay off to the tune of more than 200 in attendance and $20,000!...

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