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Re : Hospital service,

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 03:07 pm
by lucy
Thanks for the post, I did get to go and posted about how it went in grief and loss but Ill just paste it below, also I would love to meet you when you come down just remind me closer to the date that youll be coming.
quote:Julie, thank you. The service went ok I do not support the hospital at all and it was hard very hard going back there I started crying before I ever got inside we went right past the back doors they first took her in through and it bought back so many memories, once we got inside the champlain that was there at the end and took her from me didnt say a word to me but seeing him hurt. They had us go light a candle for her I chose a white one since her birthstone is diamond which is white.

There was a few babies there including a girl who was right across from me she was tiny and seeing her curled up reminded me of how Sebanna used to do that she also had a pink headband on, and I had put a pink headband on Sebanna before they took her I missed her so much and it seemed the whole section next to us was people with babies, there was a little baby (maybe 4-5 1/2 lbs) with nasal oxygen and a monitor cord hanging from his foot he didnt appear too sick but he was pretty small I figured he was either a hospital patient that they let just come with his parents to the service or he was on home oxygen/monitoring it may have been his twin that his parents bought him for but it made me so sad there was a few other little babies people bought but there also was a set of twins being remebered from the sounds of it babies and I was so sad for the family, it was so sad seeing the whole room fill up with people and fill up it did and the service was just for those who had passed away in the last few months

Re : Hospital service,

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2005 12:30 am
by annegarrett
Sorry to not be able to make this. I just saw the post but I cannot keep up with all the posts on here. Did you go? How are you? I plan to come down to Portland sometime in January for my "real" job and hope to see you then.

Take care,

Re : Hospital service,

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2005 01:34 am
by lucy
Just wanted to bump this up to remind everyone I also posted it in the grief and loss forums.

Hospital service,

Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2005 05:02 pm
by lucy
The hospital is having a memorial service honoring all those who have died in the past several months they sent a card with Sebannas name and I have to let them know how many are going it is in Spokane Washington and I wanted to ask that any one who is close and willing go we are def going, it says"Sebanna DeMille will be remebered at a memorial service honoring all those who have died in the past several months" Its at Sacred Heart at the Providence Auditorium at 2pm on Saturday Nov 5th, I can email directions if anyone needs them. The champlaincy services is doing it.