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Re : WA State Chapter

Postby paljane8 » Tue Feb 03, 2004 10:58 am

Hey Jen,

I sent you an e-mail. How far along are you?

Nancy Eastwood
Moderator/WA State Co-Coordinator

ds-8yrs, dd-7yrs
Scott-4yrs (PE)
Janie-5/12/03 (PIH, oligo and low blood flow)

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Re : WA State Chapter

Postby jmarbut » Mon Feb 02, 2004 07:04 pm

Hi Norlisa,

I'd love to get involved as much as I can with the WA chapter. I think the clothing/furniture sale is a great idea. I also think the most important thing we can do is get the word about PE and this wonderful Foundation. Is there any literature that can be provided to our OB/GYN's offices? I know with my first pregnancy I grabbed every pamphlet I saw in my OB's office. I wish there would have been one on PE (Q&A's, signs, website address).

I live in Pullman WA, recently moved from Kirkland. Still working with Peri at the UW and a wonderful OB in Pullman. Let me know of any updates and what can be done to help.

- Jen

norlisa k
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WA State Chapter

Postby norlisa k » Fri Dec 12, 2003 07:03 pm

Hello, my name is Norlisa, and I am helping our Executive Director Anne by agreeing to help out with Preeclampsia Foundation activities in Washington State. There are many things that we can do together. That being said, any help, requests, or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

One project that we would like to start now and continue annually is a baby clothes and furniture sale. As you know, baby and toddler clothes and furniture are quite expensive when purchased brand new, and hopefully our sale will attract a lot of customers. What we would do is collect donations of baby and toddler clothes and furniture and sell them. (Furniture would include such items as changing tables and little table and chair sets—things that will not be questioned about safety issues.) If any of you have items that you want to donate for this sale, please let us know. Also, please follow Anne’s lead in including the PF in your holiday letters and asking people to support our cause.

Let’s get the word out about the Foundation at your OB/GYN’s, Family Doctor’s, General Practitioner’s, Internist’s, and/or Perinatologist’s offices. We need women and their families to know that we are here. All of us have different experiences with preeclampsia, and we can all help someone through this experience (dads and partners, too). If you are interested in reaching out to someone, or need to be reached out to, or know of someone that may find us useful, please let us know. When you’ve experienced difficulties and heartaches with preeclampsia, meeting someone else who has been through or who is going through the same experience can bring both of you comfort.

Feel free to give me feedback and ideas. Tell us what we can do, what you would like to see accomplished, etc. Until next time, please take care. I look forward to hearing from you (feel free to e-mail me, also) and meeting you all soon.

Much Love,

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