I'm New here!!!

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Re : I'm New here!!!

Postby jenchar » Wed Jan 04, 2006 06:34 pm

Welcome Kara! We're so happy to have you here with us Wisconsinites. I'm sorry you had PE land on you though. I went to UW from 90-94 so I LOVE your hometown. GO BADGERS!

I'm Jen (33) from Milwaukee, and I'm married to Charlie (34), my college sweetheart. I'm a 2 X severe PE survivor. I have 2 daughters, Grace & Meghan. I'll share my story. Sorry if it is long.

Gracie was born at 34 weeks weighing 3 pounds, 14.5 ounces. My swelling set in around 26 weeks, IUGR/modified bed rest at 28 weeks, BP spiked/complete bed rest at 32 weeks, Mag at 34 weeks, +6 protein, emergency C-section due to fetal distress at 34 weeks, 5 days. Grace had CPAP and nasal cannula for 12 days. She stayed 23 days total...left at 4 pounds, 9 ounces. I got much worse with my PE post delivery. BP crept up to 220/180, I had uncontrollable "twitching" epidsodes (aka "this close" to seizure), I suffered from hypertensive retinopathy so I couldn't see very well until 4 months post partum. My BP returned to normal at 6-7 months post partum. Yikes, this is a long list. Sorry.

With my 2nd pregnancy, I started swelling at 17 weeks off and on. By 20 weeks, I had pitting edema, but BP was still okay. At 25 weeks, my BP was 160/110 on my left side. I was put in the hospital on complete bed rest that day. I actually did pretty well with resting. My swelling got better, my BP dropped to a better set of numbers, but I was hyperreflexive...they would hit my knee with a hammer and I would practically kick them in the head. Tee...hee... I also received shots to mature Meghan's lungs. Anyway, Megs got into distress and on ultrasound had reverse blood flow from her vital organs to her brain. Time to be born...I had another C-section. Meghan was born at 27 weeks 0 days weighing an unbelieveably small 1 pound 9.5 ounces and 13 inches long. She was on vent for 1 week, and then went to CPAP, and then cannula until about 4 days before her discharge 79 days after birth. Again, I got extremely ill post delivery...almost identical to what happened with DD #1 so I won't reiterate that.

Welcome aboard. Maybe you can join us at our Feb meeting? Denise, I think, will be announcing the date.


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I'm New here!!!

Postby kara » Wed Jan 04, 2006 05:53 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm brand new here, having just registered, but I've been getting lots of help and advice from the website for the past 2 months. I live in Madison and look forward to corresponding with fellow WI members.

Avery Ann was born 11/11/05 at 31 weeks, but had IUGR and stopped growing at 28 weeks due to Severe PE.

My BP had been steadily rising over the 4 weeks before Avery's birth, but was still within normal ranges. I did a 24 hour urine test the first weekend in November and the protein was 3x higher than it should have been. I was told to take it easy for the weekend and come in on Thursday the 9th for an ultrasound and additional bloodwork. On 11/8/05 I awoke with swollen eye lids, lips and hands. My hands were so swollen I couldn't hold a pen. I went to work and started having pain in my liver (turned out to be heartburn), but I called the midwives who instructed me to meet the midwife on call at the hospital. My BP was 180/120 and I was in a hospital bed within 40 minutes. I was so swollen that it took 6 tries to put in an IV. The nurse and head nurse couldn't find a vein, nor could the pic nurse, so they finally called the anestiesiologist who numbed me and dug in and found a vein. I was immediately put on mag sulfate and told that I wouldn't be leaving the hospital until I had the baby. I was given two shots of steriods and induced on 11/11. I had 5 hours of labor that I could feel, only the last 2 hours being painful. The nurses couldn't see the contractions on the monitor around 8pm and told me it was just cramping and that in 12 hours I would be given pitocin and an epidural. Fifteen minutes later my husband asked for the resident so that I could get some pain relief and she checked me and I was already at 6cm...no wonder I was in pain! Literally 5 minutes after that check Avery was born. The resident was putting a monitor on the babys scalp and I told her I needed to push. She looked at me like I was crazy and checked me again. Almost instantly about 8 people rushed into the room and they managed to catch her and have the neonatal team present. I was on mag for 4 days. It was all so surreal. I was finally able to see and hold Avery after 18 hours of mag.

Avery was 2 lbs., 12 ounces and then dropped to 2lbs, 6oz. She was 15.5 inches long. For all of that she was very healthy. She didn't need to be vented, but was on Cpap for a week (until she pulled it out) and then on nose cannula for another week. After 27 days in the NICU they sent her home with us at 3lbs, 9oz. At her last appointment she was 4lbs, 1oz, and we go again on Friday for her 8 week check-up!

My BP slowly crept back down over two weeks time. I go for my check-up on friday as well, so we will hope it is completely back to normal.

Well that is my story. I'm really happy to have others to talk to.

Kara (28yrs)
Derek (hubby,31yrs)
Avery Ann (11/11/05 8 weeks and counting.

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