Anything new here with WI ladies/guys?

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Re : Anything new here with WI ladies/guys?

Postby kara » Mon Jun 26, 2006 01:29 pm

Hey Ladies! I can't wait to meet up with you all again and see all the bambinos...especially the new additions!

My life has been crazy. DD and I spent a week in Northern Michigan to be with and help take care of my grandmother. She passed away on Friday afternoon. I'm usually a mess with things like these (particularly because she was the last of my grandparents). But I'm doing pretty well. I thought it would be particularly hard because she requested there be no services and that she will be cremated. The family will gather over Labor Day to scatter her ashes in the river and lake she lived near. Maybe I'm doing well because I don't have to endure a funeral and all that goes with it. Hmm....

DD has not been feeling well. She is teething which intensifies eveything. She is still having some sort of gastrointestinal / digestive problem. We see peds gastro tomorrow. My guess is that we will be put on neocate. I hope it is as simple as that and that we don't have to do any invasive testing. Then on Thursday we will be back at the children's hospital for a cerebral ultrasound for DD massive and unsteady head growth. We are hoping it is just genetic (dad had a large head as a child). Pedi is concerned because though babies and preemies have disproportinate heads, by now her head should be (even if large) growing steadily with the rest of her. But it is rather month being ok, and the next month jumping off the growth charts.

She's been fighting sleep during the day and just having screaming fits (probably because she is tired). She's super busy and her little legs and arms never stop. She's still pretty easily over stimulated too. Ahhh....

We had DD baptized yesterday, finally. Considering I asked DH to have her baptized as soon as she was born (because we didn't know her health status at that point). It forced us to clean our house and clean up the yard...since we were having the party at our house. So, at least I have a clean house (this week).

That's enough from me! Denise, how is Phoenix? Alissa, how are you?


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Anything new here with WI ladies/guys?

Postby teenster3 » Sun Jun 25, 2006 08:31 pm

Just checking in to see if anything's new with everyone here?
This WI site doesn't seem to have many hits so I thought I'd check in!
My little man is getting bigger every day, already 9 months old & hard to believe he'll be a year in September.
I'm planning a bridal shower for my friends wedding that my hubby & I are in in Oct.
I'm starting to feel a little better each day from losing my dad back in March, but of course there are many times I catch myself crying still.
My mom still stays with us for about another month, until my grandma gets out of the nursing home rehab center in August.
My mom will then be taking care of her mother.
Oh what joys life brings us sometimes.
I could talk on & on but "What about everyone else"?

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