Alissa, where are you?

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Re : Alissa, where are you?

Postby denise » Wed Oct 03, 637668 10:40 am

Glad to see you pop online Alissa. I was going to update the ladies today after talkig with you yesterday.

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Re : Alissa, where are you?

Postby mom2tori » Fri Sep 21, 637668 1:58 pm

I miss you guys and thank you for thinking of me!!! I have 130 emails to try to sort to in a short amount of time so bear with me please.

Things here are steady. We are almost 31 weeks. I definitely have PIH and my protein is holding steady in the 230's but had a drop to 215 just this week so that was surprising. I am on 600mg of labetelol a day and I thought that much medication would really bring the bp down a lot but is about the same. I have gained over 50 pounds which is not new for me since I always seem to gain a lot. The good thing is there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of swelling. Baby is doing great. It is another girl and we are pretty sure her first name is Savanna..still discussing middle names but have it narrowed down to two. Last week she was measuring at 3 pounds 1oz. This will be the biggest baby I will ever have. (this is the last baby for me) Tori weighed 2pounds 7oz at 30 weeks. My doc would like me to hold on for 3 to 5 weeks and then we will probably deliver. I will have another c-section. This pregnancy is really stressing me out and really wearing on my emotional and mental self. I feel crazy!! I am glad that things are going well but really, really am ready for the end to be here. I don't think that pregnancy is something I am good at and am really glad this is it for me. Thank you again for thinking of me and if I can't keep you updated I will let Denise know she can update you guys. Thank you again for your thoughts, I love you guys!!

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Re : Alissa, where are you?

Postby keneke68 » Sat Sep 08, 637668 1:42 am

Jen you must of read my mind I sent her an email today. I have been thinking about her too!!!!!

Alissa let us know how you are???

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Alissa, where are you?

Postby jenchar » Thu Aug 30, 637668 1:09 am


I really hope that you are okay honey. I know that you are due in September and I'm hoping the nasty PE monster hasn't already made an appearance.

Please update if you can.

A concerned Wisconsinite,

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