Scared, Pregnant Again

Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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Scared, Pregnant Again

Postby mamakimberly » Mon Dec 01, 2003 11:09 am

Well, here's my situation.

My daughter was born last December. I had NO blood pressure problems until the day of my induction. However, I had TONS of swelling, and ended up gaining 25 pounds in ONE WEEK from 37-38 weeks. I was induced the next day and my bp was 170/110. It ended up even higher than that, and after 48 hours of induction with pitocin (and mag sulfate for the bp), I ended up with a c-section because my platelets were dropping and the HELLP was getting worse.

My epidural wore off 3 minutes into the c-section and I felt the rest of it and it was a horrible experience, obviously.

So, we decided no more bios.. not to mention that I've had 5 m/c!! Sooo, dh got a vasectomy 2 weeks ago. And we were going to become licensed foster to adopt parents TOMORROW.

Yeah, well, I'm 5w4d pregnant!!!!!! NOT in the plans guys!!! NOT AT ALL!!!

I'm terrified of this whole thing happening again! I was on bedrest from 26 weeks on... bled from 6 weeks till delivery.... and had a partially abrupted placenta from 26 weeks till delivery... I just don't want to do this.

Please tell me that I can have a healthy pregnancy this time! I need to!

I am trying to be as diligent as humanly possible with my diet. I am using some aspects of the brewer diet, but more than that, just common sense.


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