Liver Panel

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Liver Panel

Postby amyk » Mon Feb 02, 2004 08:07 am

I doubt anyone is following my continuing saga of attempting to acquire insurance for the self-employed, but here goes:
The insurance company called last week and told me,"Congratulations, everyone in the family is covered as of Monday, except you."
It seems that because I got HELLP in both pregnancies, they want me to get a liver function test and then submit the results. They will then determine if I'm a good enough risk to cover.
I'm going to do it, but does this sound right? They got a copy of all my medical files, including my cbc before I was discharged from the hospital. Was I actually supposed to get a follow-up Liver Panel? They acted surprised when I told them I hadn't been told to go back for follow-up blood work. This is really going to get my OB going!


Chloe (8/6/01) 35 weeks, p/e, hellp
Tristan (9/3/03), 32 weeks, p/e and hellp AGAIN

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