new here/a little bit about me and HELLP

Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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new here/a little bit about me and HELLP

Postby sam » Fri Feb 06, 2004 04:42 pm

Hi my name is sam, i am 31 yrs old and am from london, england. I had PE and severe HELLP which resulted in the loss of my much longed for son [email protected] weeks on the 13th october 2003. I had a terrible pregnancy all the way through with pelvic pain, carpel tunnel syndrome and major abdominal surgery at 16 weeks to remove a 2lb cystic tumour. I thought i had got to the "safe" stage in my pregnancy how wrong i was!! On the 10th oct i went to my doctor with severe chest pain and swelling, she diagnosed indigestion (a common mistake i have now found out, with such dire consequences!!) i went home and rested but the pain became excrutiating over the weekend and i collapsed on the 12th of oct and was rushed to hospital. I was admitted with a BP of 243/125 i knew that i had PE but then i was told i had severe HELLP and that my son had not made it. My liver was failing, my kidneys were in trouble too and my platelets had gone down to 10,000!! i delivered my son on the 13th oct at 10.04pm he was 1lb 7ozs, small but perfect. I had never heard of HELLP until that ghastly moment. I spent 3 days in ICU and had a plasma exchange in the night because my blood just would not recover, was too scared to sleep for 5 days in case i did not wake up again. This is such a terrible disease for women and their children, and more should be done to make pregnant women aware of the gravity of HELLP.
General practitioners in the uk are mostly unaware of the symptoms,
which makes me sooo angry, and it is so often misdiagnosed (as in my case) as indigestion. I am trying to cope with Post traumatic stress syndrome( with the help of a trauma clinic and a counsellor) which is very hard, i relive those awful events almost every day. But i am trying to focus myself on any information that i can gather in relation to PE and HELLP, i am particularly interested in insulin resistance and its metabolism in relation to PE.Also any info on tyrosine kinase and placental growth factor would be helpful!! I suffer from PCOS and am a syndrome x candidate, i am looking for any info or relevant articles, or help from all you ladies out there!!

To all the families who have had to endure this terrible ordeal i wish you all peace and a degree of comfort and hopefully someone will have some answers for us some day. I am sure none of us would wish this on our worst enemies.
My best wishes to you all
xx sam


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