How long did you have epigastric pain for?

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Re : How long did you have epigastric pain for?

Postby jen_home1 » Tue Apr 17, 638001 4:20 pm

Mine was acute - about 6.5 hours.

6 am - woke up early, starving...ate oatmeal. 6:30 am felt nauseous. By about 7, throwing up repeatedly and horrible pain began (but NOT on right side, just in middle). Dr said to come into hospital immediately (thank goodness he knew the signs). Baby born by emergency c-section at 1:35 pm, one hour after they got the bloodwork back.

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Re : How long did you have epigastric pain for?

Postby nborrayo » Thu Apr 16, 637998 1:52 am

I remember when mine started because it was the day of my baby shower - November 15th. Everyone told me it was heartburn or the baby's toes under my ribs but I knew it was not. Claire was not taken via c-section until December 12th - almost a month - but it started out merely uncomfortable and annoying. I could not lay flat to sleep and like others have said, was watching the clock so I could take more Tylenol for about 2 weeks of it. I think it moves slowly in some, fast in others...
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Re : How long did you have epigastric pain for?

Postby » Tue Mar 24, 637998 6:47 am

Wow, Anne. I could have written your post. Especially the part about the midback pain, hot baths and the tylenol. I was obsessed with the heating pad too.

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Re : How long did you have epigastric pain for?

Postby bordergurl72 » Mon Mar 23, 637998 7:12 pm

I had it for 2 weeks. It started in my mid-back and would sometimes go around to the top of my stomach. I had no other symptoms, so my Drs kept saying it was muscular. I would on the floor, crying, couldn't catch my breath, would take hot baths, lived on watching the clock for 4 hours to pass so i could take more tylenol.

Finally 2 weeks last at 38 weeks, I had my daughter by ER c-section after they finally tested me.

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Re : How long did you have epigastric pain for?

Postby rnickel » Fri Jul 14, 637995 3:05 pm

I had been having quite a bit of swelling and high BP with some protein in my urine and finally was told to go to the hospital on a Monday to be checked. I was put on bedrest and all that Tuesday I had "heartburn" that continued throughout the day and wasn't relieved by antacids. Twinges of shoulder pain came intermittently and that night the shoulder pain became so strong that I couldn't sleep any which way. Overnight I looked up "pregnancy and Shoulder pain" and a bunch of info on HELLP came up and I got really scared...I was only 24 weeks. I called the doctor at 6 AM Wednesday and was told to go to Labor & Deliver. I was diagnosed with HELLP and delivered 3 days later on Saturday by emergency C-section. In total, it was 10 days between the onset of the sudden swelling and birth.

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Re : How long did you have epigastric pain for?

Postby rebeccac » Tue Jun 20, 637995 8:35 pm

Mine started on Thursday night. A hot shower helped. I had a scheduled appointment the next day (Friday) at the maternal high risk clinic and that's when I was admitted to L&D. The pain continued until I was induced on Sunday and then I had an emergency c-section Monday-after 24 hours of labor!

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Re : How long did you have epigastric pain for?

Postby bellemama » Tue Jun 20, 637995 3:06 pm

I had it starting about 2 weeks before delivery, but acutely for 5 days (meaning, painful enough that I couldn't sit except completely upright and couldn't lie down to sleep). I had a bruise over my liver nearly a week before the emergency csection.

Nothing against your friend, but OBs don't know everything. I'm not sure mine had ever seen an actual case, and many still seem to think you need to have PE first...

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Re : How long did you have epigastric pain for?

Postby staceynw » Mon Jan 09, 637995 1:23 am

Mine was about 12 hours prior to induction and 48 total before I was delivered C-section. I was in complete denial for the first 12 hours because I had eaten a greasy hospital bacon cheeseburger and swore it was indigestion!!! Mine was a nagging pain for the first 24. The last of it was really intense and radiated to my back. Amazing how it disappeared as soon as they put me on Mag.

My best friend had upper quadrant pain and vomiting for almost a month prior to emergency delivery at which point she was diagnosed with HELLP, and unfortunately, she has permanent liver damage.

jackie cargen
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Re : How long did you have epigastric pain for?

Postby jackie cargen » Wed Apr 26, 637989 11:40 am

I had mine for a week before realising that something was terribly wrong and went to the gynae. I was admitted for 2.5 weeks before they delivered. Liver enzymes were sky high and kidneys failed. Delivered about 3.5 weeks after the symptoms started.

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Re : How long did you have epigastric pain for?

Postby sam » Thu Jan 12, 637989 8:58 pm

mine began on the thursday, saw doc on fri morning and she diagnosed heart burn and sent me home. Sat night crying in pain with my back up against the warm radiator all night. Sunday, vomiting and admitted myself to hospital, where the crazy rollercoaster of HELLP took over.

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