Lab Tests came back today- PLEASE READ

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Lab Tests came back today- PLEASE READ

Postby abell » Thu Apr 15, 2004 02:26 pm


My Dr's office said that my results came back this morning and they were ok for now. They said that they may test again later. She said that my IRON level was lower than when they first tested it back in Dec. but that it was still in normal range. They also said that my urine is still extremely dark as if I'm dehydrated. The funny thing is I drink tons of water all day.

I asked to see a copy of my results so that I could do a little investigating myself.

I wondered if maybe I'm showing signs of HELLP and maybe they don't realize it- is that possible??? I have a bunch of the symptoms- could be a conincidence.

Symptoms- I have been having for over a week:
Severe Headaches, seeing spots, fatigue, bleeding gums, overall feeling of just YUCK. , trace of urine, BP has been about 140/80,
swelling of hands, face, and feet.

Does anyone that had HELLP think this is something I should keep a close eye on? Or could it be a coincidence??

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