My Daughter is in Hosp. w/ HELLP Syndrome

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My Daughter is in Hosp. w/ HELLP Syndrome

Postby grandma » Sun Apr 25, 2004 09:23 am

Hello, I am a very worried mother/Grandmother, My daughter gave birth on 4/22/04 at 31 weeks. They did Cesarian because she was in a bad way w/ bp. Baby seems to be doing well. My daughter is not. She is doing her second round of Magnesium Tx ......during the first round her bp went as high as 190/109...........after going up and down to as low as 127/84, they took her off Magnesium and gave her bld pressure med orally. Then again bp went up to finally 168/105 and they put her back on Magnesium. I am very frightened. My daughter does not know anything about HELLP and this has not been explained to her...I think because she is so scared and so upset that she cannot be w/ her baby. She has a hx of high bld pressure prior to pregnancy so they say the chronic hypertension is complicating the preeclampsia...on the second round of Magnesium (going on now...she went for about 8 hr. w/ bld pressure centering around 140/84...then early Am it started climbing till it got to 168/104. I am not sure I feel safe w/ her MD...Should I consult w/ a specialist in this field? What would the title of such a specialist be? Who do I ask to find one? Any other info, advice, would be so helpful. Thank you

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