HELLP Blood Test Results? /Get a Specialist?

Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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HELLP Blood Test Results? /Get a Specialist?

Postby grandma » Sun Apr 25, 2004 03:34 pm

I am feeling so alone w/ this problem. My daughter does not know she has HELLP and she would become too scared if she did know. I called the nursing station at the hosp. ...she had c-section, 31 wks. on 4/22/04 @10:28 AM. She's been on 2 /24 hour rounds of Magnesium Tx. The hospital won't give me the phone # of her MD (not allowed) but let me speak to a Resident on the floor. She told me, when I asked The ALT deceased from 121/148 to 89/144 (is this read ok? or bad?),
next she said the platelets are "normal" 181,000. I inderstand "normal" w/ platelets are 120,000-150,000...so is my daughter's read ok? They took her off Magnesium tx a short while ago w/ bp at 142/84 and she was not on bp med at the time. They were waiting for the results of the next bld reading which was soon to come. I asked if they consulted w/ a specialist and they said "no"...her OBGYN is handling it.......She's been kind in spirit, says very little and disappears, so it leaves me distrustful.Given that I'm in the dark here, and given the Resident says things are improving (but there have been 2 false alarms, i,e, off Magnesium2x's now and soon bld. pressures goes back up) I wonder if I should find a specialist, i.e. perinatologist. Any Feedback appreciated. thanks

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