take my winnings and run?

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take my winnings and run?

Postby lucsmama » Thu May 20, 2004 07:32 pm

i am new here, and i just wondered if anyone can share my sentiments. i read a lot of the getting over the trauma thread and can relate to most of what everyone was saying.

my story is that i figured if i ate right and exercised then everything with my pregnancy would be perfect. well it seemed to be until about 36 weeks and then my blood pressure started to go up. it was only 120/85 so they said it was okay since it was within normal. well my normal bp was 100/60 for most of the preg., so it definitely was not normal. at 38 weeks and five days my water broke. then labor stalled. i was having strong contractions, they were just erratic, like 2 minutes then 20 minutes, etc. anyway after trying to get labor going "naturally", we had to face reality and go to the hospital. i had planned a birth center birth, with the whole hot tub idea in mind... so at the hospital they had to induce me, so i wanted the epidural if i was taking the pitocin. they did a blood test and they said my platelets were 93, so no epi. they told me that for an epi they had to be at least 100. i said, in my pain, well that's only 7 points, come on, not having a clue that normal was like 250 or 300. anyway i managed to deliver my big baby boy (8lbs, 2oz) naturally. no one told me a thing, but as soon as he was cleaned up and checked out (he had no problems), they were putting magnesium in my iv, saying i needed it. then next thing, they said i couldn't breastfeed, then later said i couldn't hold him, then i had blood test after blood test and they kept saying oh it's getting lower, it's getting lower. i finally got the rundown on hellp from my brother in law who is an md. they told me a little at first but i didn't really understand what was going on. i felt fine. when i told my bro-in law that my platelets had dropped to 25 and he said ugh, i thought oh man i am in trouble. well i was extremely lucky. they gave me shots of steroids and all my levels started coming back up. within a week of the birth my blood levels were all normal except for a bit of anemia.

once i got on the web and learned all about hellp when i got home, i realized how many symptoms i had and didn't know. i had the pitting edema, i had the terrible pain under my right ribs. the thing about my pain, was that it was tolerable as long as i was laying on my back. it was excruciating when i was sitting straight up and down, like in a car. the midwife chalked it up to normal pregnancy pain. anyone else experience this? i had elevated bp, i had the spots before my eyes. the pitting edema, i had never heard of and didn't think to mention to my midwife. the spots before my eyes, i didn't mention either. just thought it wasn't a big deal.

so i have a few questions. my son is perfect and he has always been big and healthy. i seem to have no repercussions from hellp. i feel like maybe i should just take my son as my gift and never try to have kids again. i am sure everyone here has felt that way at one time or another. i just think, maybe i won't be so lucky next time. anyway, i have gone on long enough for now. thanks for letting me get all that out :)

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