Blood patch with HELLP (x-post)

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Blood patch with HELLP (x-post)

Postby 5miraclez » Thu Jun 17, 2004 06:06 pm

I posted this same question on the ask the ecperienced board

I doubt anyone will know since it's very rare but is there anyone that had HELLP after they delivered, had had an epidural then had an epidural headache and needed a blood patch (where they take blood from your arm, then put it in your spine to seal any holes from the epidural).

I ask because with my last 2 pregnancies I developed HELLP 3 days after delivering. This pregnancy they sent me home 2 days later with a horrible headache. I had to go back in and have a blood patch done to seal the spinal fluid leak but 2 days after that it was back again and I had to have another one. They never checked my platelets after I delivered and I'm curious to know if the first patch didn't take because my blood wasn't clotting.


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