Class of HELLP indicator with re=accurance?

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Re : Class of HELLP indicator with re=accurance?

Postby caryn » Tue Jun 01, 2010 01:18 am

Hi Sally,

Here's what the Experts on our medical board have said about recurrence:

The links in my .sig file are a good place to start reading for general background, but feel free to holler with any particular questions!
Science! The articles you don't want to miss:
The Preeclampsia Puzzle (New Yorker) and Silent Struggle: A New Theory of Pregnancy (New York Times)
Looking for recent articles and studies?
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Caryn, @carynjrogers, who is not a doctor and who talks about science stuff *way* too much
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Re : Class of HELLP indicator with re=accurance?

Postby sally » Sun May 30, 2010 11:43 pm

Thanks for your replies.

I think I am just trying to make sense of somehting that cant be made sense off, iywkim.

I will read and get more info, but in the end it is all pot luck ........ I guess I am feeling a bit down about it all,
But thanks for the amazing information on here, I was really not told anything at all, so every bit helps.


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Re : Class of HELLP indicator with re=accurance?

Postby tree » Sun May 30, 2010 09:30 pm

The conventional wisdom says that IF you get pre-E/HELLP in a subsequent pregnancy, it will be later and less severe. Most people seem to think that your likelihood for recurrence is more strongly linked to when you got sick rather than how sick you got. I agree with the previous posters that we are all headed to Class I HELLP and that it is just a matter of catching it in time (and luck). For example, I had (barely) Class I HELLP, but my risk of recurrence might be lower than yours because I got sick at 35 weeks instead of 32. Assuming that the doctors would deliver well before 39 weeks in a subsequent pregnancy, my body might not have time to get that sick again since it should hit later if it happens at all. The most frequent recurrence statistic that I have seen lately is 20-25% that something (PIH, PreE, etc.) could happen next time.

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Re : Class of HELLP indicator with re=accurance?

Postby anonpreemiemom » Sun May 30, 2010 08:34 pm

I agree with sezza pretty much. That everyone would eventually progress to Class I by some point (ie platelets continue to go down not up) so it would be hard to assign a recurrence rate based on Class alone. Some docs are just more cautious and take the baby earlier. I went for awhile with pre-e and by the time they took the baby platelets were in freefall and down to 27K post partum.

Gestation at delivery seems to be by far the best indicator for recurrence, at least for pre-e.

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Re : Class of HELLP indicator with re=accurance?

Postby sezza » Sun May 30, 2010 07:05 pm

As far as I am aware if you had it then you can get it again. BUT the chances of getting it in the second pregnancy are pretty low. I have heard figures ranging from 5-20% chance of getting it again in a second pregnancy regardless of the class. I think that the time that you get hellp can be worse as well. I got hellp at 32 weeks which is worse than 35 weeks but better than 28 weeks. I had class 1 hellp as my platelets went down to 29. I am not sure whether the class makes any difference as it might just be when they pick it up. My understanding is that if it is left then it will always go to class 1. This is my understanding of chances with Hellp but I am also a bit fussy on it.
There are many links to the differing stats about second pregnancy on this forum and I am sorry that I am not good at being able to link them.
If you had preeclampsia as well then I think that there is about a 40% chance that you will get it again.
For me I found that I quoted stats until the cows come home and it came down to if you get it then your stats are 100%, if you don't then it is 0%. Very hard when you feel that you are waiting for 9 months to see what happens.
Sorry for fuzziness. Hope it helps.

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Class of HELLP indicator with re=accurance?

Postby sally » Sat May 29, 2010 03:33 am

As I understand HELLP can be classed in 3 categoris according to your platlete level. Class 1 being the worst, Class 3 being the best ( or is it the other way around.

My plateletes were 118 at the lowest, so Class 3? Is there a link between the class of HELLP and the class of HELLP you get in the second pregnancy eg if Class 3 less likely to get worse next time,

Is there a known link between the class or HELLP sydrome and the reaccurance rate eg if you had class 1 then you are more likely to get it in general?

any stats or research out there? I know I am clutching at straws trying to make sense of something that cant be made sense off, but I got to try and get as much information as possible iywkim


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