Hellp + liver abcess

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Re : Hellp + liver abcess

Postby atvlady » Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:12 pm

I to had severe HELLP and was not expected to live but somehow I managed to pull out of it. I have trouble with my liver for months PP. After going to several drs and being VERY persistant I had my GB removed. The bile had started to form crystals and as a last effort to figure out what was going on with my liver I had it removed. I talked to my surgeon before my surgery and he said if my liver looked suspicious of anything he would biopsy it. After my surgery he said he checked it over really good and saw nothing. I have never heard of a abcess on a liver! Have you had more tests' ran after this?

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Hellp + liver abcess

Postby assa » Sun Aug 08, 2010 08:22 am

I had Hellp in my first pregnancy in 2001. My liver enzymes were extremly high and platles very low. The doctors thought i would not survive, but i did.

January this year i had extremly liver pain, just like i had in 2001.
I was diagnosed with a liverabcess the size of an orange..

Doctors can not explain why this happened. My guess is that something happened with my liver i 2001. My doctors do not agree, though some of them never even have heard about Hellp syndrome.

Have anyone of you a similar experience? Someone had a catscan after hellp to check liver for necrosis?

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