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Hi there. I'm new to this site. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and have been struggling with hyperemesis since about week 8. It lessened at about 20 weeks.
I now have a whole new set of symptoms popping up. I haven't kept food down in over a week, even though I take my Zofran 3x's daily. My feet and hands have been swelling 2x's the size and are tingly/numb--even if I'm just sitting down. Then I started getting this intense pain in my lower right abdomen two nights ago, it was so bad I had to use my husband to hold me up and I started bawling. Then I have a constant headache and I see spots, and if I stand up for more than a minute I get extremely dizzy; my eyes feel bruised when I move them. My cousin who works in L&D said I should have gone in on Monday to get checked out. I'm also having severe chest pain, right by my heart. I keep popping my neck because my right shoulder/neck is really sore and tight. It's making my right arm go numb. (I do have carpal tunnel, but even wearing my wrist brace my arm is numbing and tingling and swelling.)
I also am anemic--but I take an iron supplement every night. My father suffers blood clots, too.

Well, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning. There was protein in my urine, my white blood cells were measuring high, and I was dehydrated. I told my OB all about my symptoms and she just said it's all normal. I feel like none of this is normal. She said because my BP was perfect, that I'm just overreacting and googling too much. I feel like she was blowing me off. She also said I probably got some form of food poisoning...which I think is bullcrap.

Here is a picture of my ankles from two Friday's ago--right when all of this started up:

I just don't know what to do. Does this sound like it could possibly be HELLP?

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