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Re: blood pressure

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 639550 11:30 am
by caryn
Yes - there's a current thread here: ... 12&t=44293

blood pressure

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 639550 7:00 pm
by mychaelelaine
Hi all!

Does anyone still have extremely high blood pressure after delivery? I had chronic hypertension before having my daughter, but it was under control. Almost 3 months later and on tons of medication (1800 mgs of Labetelol and 120 mgs of Procardia), it is still high progressively at night. I wake up and it's fine. Around late afternoon, it's elevated (e.g. 160/110). It rises as the night progresses even though I've taken my afternoon dosage. By 9/10 pm, it will be very high (e.g. 208/142). I take my night dosage and it slowly goes down. My, pcp, obgyn and nephrology/hypertension keep blaming it on lupus, preeclampsia, and hellp. I think they have no clue what to do so they just insist on saying, "it's abnormal for your bp to still be high but, you have lupus." I'm confused AND worried. Anyone else experiencing this???