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Re: How should subsequent pregnancies monitored?

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2012 01:19 am
by GemmaLou
Wow, I finally found a website for HELLP! Its taken me ages to find one!

I just wanted to give you some information, the first time I had HELLP it went undiagnosed but I was extremely lucky that my little boy and I survived it to tell our story! When he was delivered after the section there was nothing left of the placenta and the docs were amazed he had survived. I had 48 hours in intensive care to recover and was very weak and struggled to recover from the section like other mums appeared to!

I Went on to get pregnant again a year and a half later and got an appointment with my consultant who I never saw the first time around. He was absolutely fantastic. Told me all about what I had experienced which was terrifying to hear the reality of it but made a great care plan for the second time!

From 20 weeks he took me under his wings and basically took me away from my midwife. I had bloods taken 3 times a week and was constantly monitored for blood pressure, I Had open access to the assessment unit and was never made to feel bad. He gave me the security to be able to get checked out if I felt a bit unsure ever and I never felt like a time waster, after all, I was looking after my baby and myself!

At 36 weeks I had my bloods taken as normal and the count of my liver was showing an increase. Straight away he said, I am not risking you or this baby, this can come on so quickly from here and I don't want either of you in danger. Go home, pack your bags, You will have a c-section tomorrow. Fridays are the theatre audit days and they don't normally do c-sections unless urgent.....and getting your baby out is essential!

He was fantastic, if you can get under a good consultant you will be fine. Knowing now what I had my husband and I made the difficult decision for him to have "the snip" to know that we would not put myself or future babies at risk...I didn't want to risk not being here for my 2 special babies who had got through this horrible illness.

Re: How should subsequent pregnancies monitored?

Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:49 am
by mnickerson
My doctor told me I would be monitored next time with frequent blood tests. Normal platelet counts can be anywhere from 200-400, so I imagine if they start to see even a slight drop from your normal level then they would investigate further. Your doctor might not be as diligent yet because you are still early and HELLP usually doesn't present itself until the third trimester, but if you feel like they are not monitoring you closely enough you should definitely get on board with someone who will. It's too risky of a syndrome for both you and baby to not watch it like a hawk!

How should subsequent pregnancies monitored?

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 04:05 pm
by lucy460
Hi. I'm 12 weeks pregnant with #2 after having HELLP at 35 weeks the first time. I'm wondering what are the standards for monitoring in subsequent pregnancies, such as regular platelet checks? What frequency of prenatal appointments? Etc.

Although my OB caught my HELLP within hours of my presenting with symptoms last time, I'm concerned by their seemingly unconcerned approach to this pregnancy. I would like help understanding what would be an appropriate monitoring, so that I can speak frankly with my OB before considering switching practices.

Thanks so much.