Abnormal Echo Results

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Re: Abnormal Echo Results

Postby laney_p » Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:50 am

Hey Sally,

So sorry for all that you have been through. It's very normal to experience health anxiety after going through HELLP syndrome, and you are definitely not alone in feeling that way!

As I understand it (from a doctor, though I am not a medical expert by any means!) its usually fairly unlikely that aortic valve issues would be related to preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome, BUT the fact that you have had preeclampsia can place you in a higher risk category for future heart disease, so it's certainly worth following up on. Have you talked to your primary care physician about the echo results? That would be a good first step, bringing along your medical records so that he/she can look them over. From there, they may suggest further testing, reference you to a cardiologist or possibly just monitor you more closely in the future. They will likely want to get baselines of your cardiac output (when you are NOT experiencing an extremely complicated syndrome on top of pregnancy!).

Sometimes, having preeclampsia can unmask (though not necessarily cause) an underlying issue like this, so it's good that you are being vigilant, but don't be anxious. The more you know, the better you can work with your healthcare team to manage your health.

Best wishes!
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Abnormal Echo Results

Postby sally123 » Sun Oct 05, 2014 07:11 pm

Hello! I got HELLP syndrome at the tail end of my 4th pregnancy (over a year ago). I had no high blood pressure or heart problems before. I had a healthy baby, but I had residual high blood pressure that lasted a few weeks after pregnancy. I am off all medications now and my blood pressure is low/normal. I have had health anxiety issues ever since. I decided that I wanted to look at some of my test results in the weeks following the ordeal. I got a hold of my echo results that was taken five days after I gave birth (in June 2013). I never saw them before, but my doctor told me they were fine. However, after reviewing the records myself, I see an abnormality on there and I wondered if anyone could give me some insight. It said "mildly thickened aortic valve--the noncoronary leaflet is mildly thickened resulting in mildly aortic regurgitation." It also says to follow up with another echo in 2-3 years. Does anyone know about this and if it can resolve itself? Thank you.

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