Making Heparin/Lovenox shots bearable

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Re : Making Heparin/Lovenox shots bearable

Postby jamilyn » Wed Jul 28, 2010 00:05 am

With my Heprin shots I was given 2 needles, 1 bigger one to take it out of the bottle and then moved to a smaller needle to inject. If it was harder to put thru the skin and hurt just by the poke then I moved to a different site and it would go right in. Switching to the 2 needles worked great and helped so much.

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Re : Making Heparin/Lovenox shots bearable

Postby l412angel » Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:34 pm

Ok bringing this subject back! So for Lovenox people I have read you can inject into a muscle? What? What happens if that happens?

Are there any side effects to Lovenox?

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Re : Making Heparin/Lovenox shots bearable

Postby brandi101 » Wed Feb 17, 2010 09:59 pm

after readin this info im not ashamed to say that is has help i take the heprin shot twice a day and they hurt my doc said to ice it first then instead of pinchin the skin pull it tight since i started doing that it has helped only 1 bruise less pain even

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Re : Making Heparin/Lovenox shots bearable

Postby jayme » Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:04 pm

I just found this on another site and found it super informative!
quote:I’d be happy to offer a few tips for avoiding bruising with Lovenox. The whole idea is to inject (and keep) the solution only into the nice fat layer under the skin -- not into the skin layers (since this is what usually causes bruising).

1) Before removing the needle cap, tap the syringe to get the air bubble to the top (toward the plunger, away from the needle). You want the air bubble to be the last thing you inject; it helps distribute and “lock” the solution into the fat layer.

2) Before removing the needle cap (and after tapping the syringe), slightly pull back on the plunger to create a slight vacuum. This helps prevent the solution from being sucked out when you remove the needle cap (which causes a loss of the drug and gets the solution all over the outside of the needle). The goal is to keep all the solution inside the syringe and needle (if it gets on the outside, it will get into the upper layers of the skin and cause bruising).

3) Inject the solution very slowly. Push it in a little, then stop the pressure completely (the plunger may even come back out a little). Going slowly gives the solution time to distribute into the fat layer (instead of spilling into the skin layers).

4) After injecting, wait about 10 seconds before removing the needle. Pull it out very slowly, giving the “hole” a chance to seal up as you remove the needle. Again, think about trying to keep the solution in the fat layer.

5) Do not rub the injection site. Don’t even apply pressure, unless absolutely necessary due to bleeding.

Following these steps will help minimize bruising. That being said, sometimes I get horrendous “OMG something must be horribly wrong” bruises for no apparent reason. Sometimes it just seems random and cannot be completely avoided.

Also, many people freak out about the possibility of accidentally injecting into a blood vessel. Don’t worry about this -- Lovenox can be given by IV. If you nick a blood vessel (or even inject directly into the vessel), it’s no big deal. You might bleed and bruise a little, but it’s not the end of the world.

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Re : Making Heparin/Lovenox shots bearable

Postby kbielec » Tue Apr 21, 2009 03:28 pm

I am new to this site. A friend told me I should look through it. I am currently TTC. I lost my baby girl last year when I had to deliver at 25 weeks with HELLP. Following the loss of my baby they have done blood work and discovered I have Factor V. It was "funny". My husband and I went into see our preneonatologist (sp) to ask about maybe having a surrogate mother - and he was like, why? You can have babies - we found you have factor V...that means I can treat that and you can have a successful pregnancy. I am TTC - but am REALLY nervous about the blood clots and about getting HELLP again ... I am NOT nervous about the shots - I currently have to take them when I fly and I have mastered the shots and only bruise a little now! I pinch the skin and go for it!

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Re : Making Heparin/Lovenox shots bearable

Postby gsignore » Mon Apr 07, 2008 05:33 pm

Some tricks I have learned is using ice on the area you will be injecting. This will sort of numbs the area, but it also cuts down on the burning. Inject very slowly this helps with the burning too. Holding the needle at a 45 degree angle (as someone mentioned in a previous reply) is to make sure it is under the skin, not into the muscle, but more than likly the needle is too short to get to the muscle anyway (unless you are a very thin person). Hope this helps[:)]

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Re : Making Heparin/Lovenox shots bearable

Postby rebeccac » Sun Mar 23, 2008 10:21 pm

FYI ~ To inject (insulin) into my upper arm, I lean against a door frame and bunch the skin up for the injection. Basically, hold my arm up against the frame and run it down until a blob of skin is accessable. HTH

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Re : Making Heparin/Lovenox shots bearable

Postby rnickel » Sat Oct 27, 2007 10:58 pm

This is all good advice and I'm glad I can come here and know that so many others have been in the same boat. I start my injections on Monday (14 weeks along) and the nurse at my OB's will be showing me how to do it. Hopefully that in combo with all the above advice will help. I think my husband may give me the shots. I had enough trouble giving myself a finger stick recently for some bloodwork I had to do.

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Re : Making Heparin/Lovenox shots bearable

Postby rsgeller » Mon Sep 24, 2007 03:48 pm

Thanks Jenn! Guess I spoke a bit prematurely. Ouch! Don't know if I accidentally hit muscle or something this morning but it didn't feel good :-)

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Re : Making Heparin/Lovenox shots bearable

Postby jenndola » Sun Sep 23, 2007 03:09 am

Rebecca, sometimes you just luck out and they don't hurt. Sounds like you're luckier than many here--usually it's hit and miss as far as pain & bruising go. However, I think you'd have to try pretty hard to do Lovenox/heparin injections incorrectly (like do it in your calf muscle or something freakish like that), so I'd chalk it up to some really good luck and enjoy the ride! [:)]

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