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new member - my story

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 637338 3:19 am
by christine lyn
Hi my name is Christine and this was my first pregnany. My husband and I had to go through IVF and ICIS. We had our share of up's and downs going through all of this.

I never got morning sickness and thought that was great off to a good start. By my 5th month my sciatic nerve went in my back along with muscle spasms and could not walk for almost two weeks. I went for physcial therapy and massage therapy that helped.

About 1 1/2 months later I started retaining fluid and had funny spots in my vision. I had my baby shower on a Sunday and had a sharp pain on my right upper abdomen thinking it was from all the laughing I was doing with my friends. That Monday I did not feel good but thought I'd wait until Wednesday when I saw my doctor to tell her. Tuesday came and I called the doctor before work just to make sure, they had me come in hooked me up to a fetal monitor and could not find the babies heart beat. They rushed me to labor & delivery and ran test. My B.P. got up to 170/122 with high protein in urine and my liver and kidney's started to get affected.

I was transferred to another hospital that had a NICI and was told I'd have my baby that night or within 24 hours. By 8:51p.m. my son was born by emergency C-section after his heartrate dropped.

My son Shane was in the NICI for 10 weeks. He's been home for 5 weeks now. He is doing great!

While I was in the hospital I had complications from the C-section. I had brusing all the way up to my waist down to my knee's. I was purple and the doctor's have never seen this happen before. I had fluid draining from my back from the spinal tap and my incision from the C-section reopened two weeks after and it also got infected and was put on antibiotics for 3 weeks. My doctor say's it's not the prettiest incision but over all I'm doing great now.

So would I do it all over again YES! I have my mircle baby.