Conference Call: February 8th

Connect with Promise Walk coordinators and volunteers to share ideas, ask questions, and learn how to host or participate in a Walk in your area!
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Re: Conference Call: February 8th

Postby blznbec » Wed Mar 11, 639237 4:20 am

February 8th Call Notes: Thank you to everyone that was on the call. It was great to have so many of you participate! Please remember that the coming months will have deadlines and it is very important to have at least one volunteer from each city represented. April 12th is a MANDATORY call for at least two registrars per site.

Congratulations to Atlanta coordinator, Lori Harrison, she had a c-section on 2/8 and successfully delivered her son, Joshua!
Welcome to new coordinators: Katie in Neenah, WI, Kerry in Orlando, FL, and Laura in Easton, PA
Insurance forms are due to Megan ASAP! Please let Megan know if you have any questions or any pending issues.

Collecting donations through website: Once someone registers, then they can send emails, post link, update page
2011 Walk Moto: Every walker receives at least $100 in pledges (10 friends, $10 each)
Start a team! If a team of 5 friends asks 10 people each for $10 your team will have raised $500! (thanks Denise)
Ask your hair stylist, your boss, your best friends, mom, play group, or doctor to sponsor you $5 or $10

Cash donations/checks can be entered online, but DO NOT SEND ANY CASH to the FL Office. You will need to get a cashier’s check for all cash transactions. Do not hold onto checks, send them in as soon as possible. You are not required to enter any monies and the FL office will do it for you…if you send it in with the correct documentation. Please review the forum post on how to send in monies: FL Office Please note that all checks sent for processing need to have the walk site listed in the memo section. Make sure to review the tutorials on how to enter money and ask questions before you begin this process.

- other event day fundraisers (silent auctions/bake sales/raffles/face painting/jumpers for kids/cake walks). Also suggested, stroller/wagon decorating contest - winner gets a donated gift card or service.

Balloon releases: make sure you know the laws in your state and city in regards to releasing is illegal in some states and cities.

Balloon for a Cause - pay a fee to write a sentimental meaning on the balloon and carry while walking/running. Again, be aware of the balloon laws.

Hands for Hope Banner - a banner that is created by the kids every year with their handprints and brought back every year to see how the kids have grown and how the walk site has grown.

Promise for Tomorrow Banner - participants sign the banner making a promise to raise awareness/funds/local involvement, etc.

Basket ideas to combine services/certificate/items received: Wine, Date basket (movie, dinner, rental gift certificates), Kids baskets (games, certificates to area play areas), scrap booking, tool basket, sports packages, theater tickets w/dinner, golf, music, book and coffee, jewelry, spas, celebrity items, etc.

Just a word to the wise....make sure your silent auction doesn't end when your walk begins. You want participants to have enough time to bid when they return from the walk/run.

Before walk ideas: garage sales, recycle, bake sales, restaurant night, bowling night, poker game. Make sure to contact Dawn Detweiler ( if you plan on having a pre or post walk fundraiser.

The FL office is looking into how to best process credit cards on walk day. Possibly having credit card slide machines donated (the carbon kind)

Kohl’s: may no longer provide their Kohl’s A-Teams. Unfortunately John Warner, Iowa coordinator, received a response from the corporate office that our mission does not solely support children, but children and adult women. We are obviously not happy with this decision and I have asked the Executive Director to follow up with Kohl’s about their decision. If you have not filled out a Kohl's A-Team request and still want to try, here is some language that you could use to fill out the form:

Preeclampsia is a disease of the placenta, affecting women and their unborn babies during pregnancy. It is a leading cause of intrauterine growth restriction, perinatal death and prematurity. As such, it can have devastating consequences on the lives and health of babies. Half a million babies die every year, worldwide, because of preeclampsia; exponentially more are impacted by the effects of their preterm births. The Preeclampsia Foundation’s patient education, provider training, and research programs are aimed at ensuring the healthiest pregnancy possible to give these babies the best chance at a healthy future. [OPTIONAL: The symbiotic nature of the mother-baby connection is nowhere more profoundly felt than when preeclampsia devastates the life of either. A child’s long term health and well-being is rooted in its uterine beginnings.]

Check out for volunteer help if you are in one of these lucky cities: Chicago, DC, Indy, MLPS/St/Paul, New York, Orlando, SF, Seattle, Silicon Valley

Wal-Mart is big into donating, and each site needs to reach out directly to the store's marketing manager. You can ask for a gift card, water, muffins, etc. Requests must be very specific on the event in what is needed and turned in quickly to ensure a positive response for a May walk date.

Incentives – have been updated: They are available to encourage people to collect money, but also reminds participants and volunteers why we are doing what we do.

$100 – Ribbon Magnet
$500 – PW Star Key Chain, Ribbon Magnet
$1000 – PW Hat, Key chain, Car Magnet

Encourage early sign ups so that estimates can be made as accurately as possible on how many incentives/t-shirts you will need to have on site on walk day. As mentioned, this is generally a difficult thing to do, and ask that you do your best. Of course if you run out or have an unexpected slew of participants that need incentives, they will be sent after your final walk summary is submitted. Instructions for this procedure will be on the next call.

T-shirts – All logos need to be EPS files, if possible. T-shirt quantities (volunteer and walk) and logo images are due to Becky by March 26th for all walk sites. A t-shirt form will be listed under coordinator resources by March 1st. If you have already secured a sponsor that needs to be represented on the PW site, send the logo to Jeff Siegel ( and he will have it uploaded to the PW sponsor page.

Blue coordinator polo shirts will be available this year in mens and womens. The shirts will have the PW logo with Walk Coordinator underneath it. The PW will supply two per site, but if you need more then two the cost will be $19.00 per shirt. Send all size requests to Becky by March 15th, and payment for additional shirts directly to Angela Little in the PF office.

Media and press releases are on the coordinator resource page for your use.

Local Sponsor Invoices - are available under coordinator resources for sponsors who require an invoice to process the sponsorship.


MARCH 8 – Checklists, Q&A Session
DEADLINE ITEMS: ordering t-shirts
PF/PW materials (brochures, magnets, banners) –
Due to Megan Stuart by March 26th….no exceptions
Checklist for the BIG day: Day-of-the-event volunteers, task lists, working with your vendors
Host: Becky Sloan, PW Walk Director

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Conference Call: February 8th

Postby blznbec » Fri Aug 04, 639234 2:10 pm

FEBRUARY 8 - DONATIONS RULE!: Collecting donations through website, organizing teams, prize incentives and t-shirt logos and deadline
2011 Walk Moto: Every walker receives at least $100 in pledges (10 friends, $10 each)
ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS - other event day fundraisers (silent auctions/bake sales/raffles/face painting)
Host: Becky Sloan, PW Walk Director

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