Conference Call: March 8th

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Conference Call: March 8th

Postby blznbec » Sun Apr 29, 639240 7:14 pm

MARCH 8 – Checklists, Q&A Session
DEADLINE ITEMS: ordering t-shirts, logo submission, walk day supplies

Thank you to everyone for being on this call. This call was very important and deadlines were discussed!

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."
Douglas Adams

***Do not let these deadlines fly by***
Becky Sloan

Walk Day Supplies:
There is a walk day supply form under coordinator resources. This form will be used to order brochures, survivor buttons, PF bracelets, pregnancy pens, thank you notes, a few other items and incentives. The form needs to be sent to Angela within three weeks (21 days) BEFORE your walk to ensure you receive your items.

In regards to incentives, the $100 level magnets are being sent now until walk day! The home office thought that this was an awesome promotional item (and I agree and know you will too) that could start showing up on the back of cars everywhere, so they are being sent beginning today and will be continued to be sent as individuals reach this level. Because of this, your magnet request total on your supply form should be low. You as coordinators need to keep track of the participants who are reaching the higher levels for the key chain/hat and request those incentives be sent to you. I know you are wondering how you are suppose to know how many will come in after you request your total.

Incentives will not be sold at the walks as of right now.

If you need incentives sent after the walk, you may send a request to the HO to send out additional incentives, but our goal is to catch everyone on walk day, if possible. Also, every supply request will also include a receipt book in your package for you to give to anyone donating cash and requesting a receipt.

T-Shirt Quantities: There is a sample t-shirt logo/quantity ordering form and regular ordering form under coordinator resources. The information you will be filling on this form in is address where to ship the walk shirts, how many youth, adult, and volunteer shirts you need, as well as listing your logos in order of how they will appear on your shirt. We have two National sponsors; Beckman in MN and Alere in SD.

Big question?? How in the world do you determine how many shirts to order? This is always a stressful decision for new and veteran coordinators. Before you send your t-shirt logo/quantity form, you will run a report through your walk page to determine how many shirts you need of each size. You then add all anyone you know who might be dragging their feet on registering. Then you add 10% throughout the sizes.

Know that we have plenty of adult shirts from last year to make up for any short comings, although we do not have extra kid sizes. The shirts are pretty true to size and a small is for someone about 100-110 pounds. The most common sizes are Med/Large/3T/6-8 youth.

I would like to have all coordinators shirt sizes to me by Tuesday, March 15th. If you have not provided your shirt sizes, please do so. You are welcome to order more, but if you need more than two you need to send funds to Angela for the additional quantity needed.

Logos: Images are due to me by 3/26 for all walks through 5/15. If your walk is after 5/15 you will have additional time to submit logos BUT not t-shirt quantities. Again….all t-shirt quantities are due by March 26th for all walks. If you want to delay your logos submittal, your deadline will be one month before your walk. I will send an email to all late May/June walks an email asking you if you want to delay your logo submittal and will include a firm deadline if you choose to do this. For all walks, it would be helpful if you sent them all in one email so that I don’t have to compile them and can forward your email to the vendor. All logo files need to be EPS format. Any sponsor that has a website should have an EPS file.
If your sponsor does not have an EPS file, please contact me. Pulling the logo off of the sponsor’s site will work for uploading to our website but will not work for the t-shirt. The image will be too fuzzy.

I cannot be responsible for coordinators missing deadlines or I might go crazy. Of course I will annoy you to no end, but once I stop annoying you that means it is too late! I will be traveling the weekend during the t-shirt/logo deadline so I would appreciate any inquiries before the 24th. And if you know you are finished with logos or will not have any sponsors, which is ok, then by all means send this information to me so I can get working on compiling my folders and files for our vendor. Just a note that if you do not have sponsors, you will have Beckman and Alere listed and the signs and symptoms under these two National logos, the back of your shirt will not be blank.

Reminder…..If you have a local, bronze, silver, gold, National sponsor, make sure you are sending their logo to Jeff so that he can update our sponsor page appropriately.

Survivor shirts will be sold at the walks. They are light blue and have the survivor logo created by Melissa Muir on the front and signs and symptoms on the back. It is the same logo as the pin that the PF sells made by Melissa. Shirts are estimated to be about $15. The shirts will be sold in the marketplace as well.

Let’s help each other out. Do you have a contact in another city? Send them a coordinator’s info, send the walk link, or post on FB. Think about who you know and even if they have made a donation to your own personal page, they might be willing to tell a local hospital, doctor’s office, post on FB, send a tweet, anything. If you don’t reach out, people can’t participate. So let’s think about who we know outside our walk community that may be able to help another coordinator in another city.

Make sure to update your webpages as often as needed. We want participants to have the most update information about your event. If you need help, please contact Jeff.

Make sure to continue to contact Jamie with secured media, including links, articles, tv/radio spots, etc.

Please encourage online donations. You will save a lot of your time and if you jot down an email for a cash donation, even $5, the donor will receive an email receipt if you enter at the very least their name and email address.

Do not wait to send money in! We want participants/donors checks cashed ASAP. Again, this is something that will make your life easier now instead of waiting until after the walk.

Please be sure to contact Dawn Detweiler about any additional fundraisers that are being held as a side event to a walk. She needs to ensure that the PW/PF are being properly represented as well as keeping track of any other fundraisers outside of walk day.

Next Call:

Required call for all Walk Coordinators and One Registrar from each walk location – send name and email address to Megan by April 1st.

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