Toledo OH walk

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Re : Toledo OH walk

Postby kdreher » Wed Feb 16, 2005 03:11 pm

That's great. We got a YES from once place but are waiting on the YES for the spot we really want. We have all our ideas ready..just need the details for the actual "name of the event" and we'll be sending out letters asking for donations, give-a-ways, money, and walkers soon. Don't forget to visit the HELLP society web and contact your state HELLP rep to see if he/she can email the members about the walk. So far we are doing pretty good...everything will probably hit at the same time. Kind of scary in a way - we could have 10 people or 100+..Joanne and I plan on attending a HELLP benefit in PA. A women lost her life four years ago to HELLP and every year her family/friends have a fund raiser..they get over 800 ppl and they graciously said they would plug the walk!

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Toledo OH walk

Postby wcarder » Wed Feb 16, 2005 12:02 am

I just wanna say that Alli C and I are off and RUNNING with this thing - and she lives in Florida!!! Alli and her fam are moving here in March (Don't tell her it's zero degrees here in Toledo and the sun hasn't been out since around '94.). Anyway, I got the park secured, all fees paid, (thanks to my hubs, who is currently unemployed - he has become the PF Toledo Walk A Thon Errand Boy, God love him), got the route laid out. Hoping to be more proactive about getting sponsors once we get our Entry forms with more info ~ I have several ideas and have talked to a number of people. Alli - the superstar - got the Toledo Mudhens involved. They are making donations for a raffle, and even sending their Mascots (Muddy and Mudonna) out to walk with us!!!!! More plans are progressing and taking shape, and this is turning into quite a big event! I'm so excited, I just wanted to share. How's every body else coming with their plans?

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