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Re : Help!

Postby grace04 » Thu Feb 17, 2005 11:29 am

These are all such great ideas! Here in Minnesota, we are lucky to have a million lakes in the area so I was able to organize the walk around one of the lakes inside the city that has a path around it. I called the city and they said that I don't need a permit or anything, so I think I just lucked out :)

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Re : Help!

Postby Dawn D » Wed Feb 16, 2005 09:55 pm

hi all,

I am hopeful to be receiving final approval next week for using the 5K course based at our local High School and Elementary school (shared property). The course is established and has been used over recent years for many races/walks - also for the cross country track team. It runs along school property, woods, and sidewalks.

I needed to write letters to the Superintendant, then he passes it on to the principals for an additional "OK". Then an "application" is reviewed and approved by the district business office. We would not be charged any permit fee (it is a public school/public property) as long as we/the site is added to the foundation insurance policy.

P.S. plenty of parking lot so great for cars, and setting up stands and tables, etc.


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Re : Help!

Postby carolh » Wed Feb 16, 2005 09:27 pm

Hey Aimee -

I was fortunate enough to secure a park here in Ann Arbor and the total fee was only $22! There are Walks conducted at this park and in alot of others around town and since our walk will be much smaller than many of the others our fee was smaller and we aren't required to have any other permits nor to have ambulance or security presence.

One place I plan to call here for help/tips/advice and maybe sponsorship is the Ann Arbor Track Club. They organize many of walks/runs throughout the year. Maybe it's because I'm in a college/university town that this is big, but maybe you can find a similar organization. Also, I've been told to approach some of the stores that cater to runners.....Running Fit is one here. Check those out too for help.


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Re : Help!

Postby jillmushet » Wed Feb 16, 2005 03:57 pm

Hi Aimee:

Phoenix is loaded with parks. Our big problem was finding an area that was available. A lot is going on that week-end. Next year, we will start much earlier. We were able to secure a central, nice location that was very inexpensive.

Kris gave excellent info. I'd like to add that we are all on a big learning curve. I really like Kris' suggetion to try a high school. Perhaps a local college has a nice area on campus for the walk. Another suggestion would be a large corporate park. Corporate parks usually have lots of green spaces, and parking. It might work out for a Saturday. :)

Good luck!

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Re : Help!

Postby kdreher » Wed Feb 16, 2005 03:07 pm

We found one location in PA and then decided on another due to lack of parking. We will have to pay some fees but don't know what yet. One person I did contact for some advice on walks was the walk coordinator in the state of PA for walkamerica (march of dimes). If you go to their website you can find locations. I just simply called them for advice, and tips, etc.

We are having the walk in Philadelphia and got a YES at a park in downtown - we didn't have to worry about streets being closed, etc because they are having events all weekend. The place we are hoping to secure has tons of events from small to very large.

If you can't get a park, public area, etc to say YES how about you just do it at the local high school track and maybe you can begin there. When I did a march of dimes walk, we met at a bank and just walked the sidewalks in the city. They didn't have roads closed, they just had signs pointing in the direction of the path to follow.

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Postby aimeejane » Wed Feb 16, 2005 02:09 pm

Can you ladies post the locations where you'll be having the walks? And how you got them to agree to it? I'm encountering all sorts of issues. The one place I've found so far can only do it if we shut down the roads, involve the public servants, etc., to the tune of $1795! That would be fine if we were expecting hundreds and hundreds of people, but sheesh!

The one park system I've gotten an answer from so far said no, because "the parks belong to the taxpayers," and they won't clog the pathways with this kind of event. [B)]

I've got more places to call, but I thought I'd be able to narrow it down if I knew what kinds of facilities had already said Yes in other states. Thanks!!

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